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​Breasts as the epicentre of the masculine mind
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​Breasts as the epicentre of the masculine mind

Tuesday 17 January 2017

The reason why straight men are so big fans of breasts is a mystery. Scientist, obviously machos, have been investigating the subject for some time. In porn, breasts are essential. Large, round, hard, enhanced. The more exaggerated, the better.

Men want to lick, suck and touch them. We would give our life for having a pair of breasts always handy. Women’s breasts are stronger than us. We are obsessed. We look at the breasts first, and then at the eyes. Cleavages, wonderbras, bikinis. The tighter a t-shirt is, the better. Nice or messy silicone implants, we don’t care about it as long as they are breasts.

They are simply fat pads hanging from a woman’s chest. However, our life is based on them. We can even marry a woman because of her breasts. Even more, if she knows how to use them. Breasts are a big topic of conversation among us. The first observation we will make about a new female colleague at work will be probably related to her breasts, especially if hers are large.

Fascination for breasts and nipples

All mammals have breasts, but they only have sexual connotations in humans. Of course, nipples are included in the pack. There isn’t any other species as interested and determined as humans. Only bonobos have been seen touching their nipples while they masturbate. Apart from that, we are unique in this fascination.

Researchers think that human breasts are more evolved than other species for that precise reason. Because of sexual attraction. The same as the size of the breasts, the penis of the men became bigger for the same reason.

Another theory about breasts

Women who breastfeed their children release oxytocin. This hormone makes women focus on their children and want to take care of them giving place to a very special bond. In the same way, men can become great lovers if they know how to stimulate the nipple of their partner. It looks like a good theory, but it is contrary to the different ways of interpreting breasts in the cultures of the world.

Although it seems that our future as machos is strongly marked by women’s breasts, there are reasons to doubt it. In African and American tribes, women show their breasts without any repercussion. Men don’t wank as they look at them. Breasts are simply another part of the feminine body and not the focus of their male partners.

Breasts aren’t the main element in the masculine mind all around the world. In fact, in the past, around the 19th century, the neck was the most sensual part of the body in western culture. In China, girls got their feet bound since they were little children to get tiny feet. Why did they practice this brutality? Because Chinese rather see mini-feet than breasts.

The culture of breasts as a super-sexual object was born in the United States during the 20th century. Porn, Playboy or Penthouse have led this sexualization of feminine breasts. Men’s life is based on breasts thanks to these North-American brands.

Size vs. firmness

There’s a lot of debate around breasts. Is size more important than firmness? To many men, the important is them to be firm without paying attention to their size.

Some think that nice enhanced breasts are better than large hanging ones. Others like large breasts, no matter if they are firm or not.

Enhanced vs. natural

Enhanced breasts and natural breasts are fully different. Enhanced are usually big, round and always up, even if the owner is lying on the beach. However, the touch isn’t so nice. The perfect imitation hasn’t been achieved yet.

“If I was a woman, I would spend the whole day touching them”

Many escorts highlight that their breasts aren’t enhanced. The touch of them is more exciting, and so are their appearance and how they move naturally while having sex.

By talking to the clients of Perla Negra, we have come to the conclusion the reasons why men feel so attracted by feminine breasts. Here it’s a short list.

Because men don’t have breasts: True. Men don’t have breasts, so if they feel like touching them, they have a woman near.

Cleavages: A nice pair of breasts in a daring cleavage is a sight nobody wants to miss. Women need little effort to drive men crazy for them.

Because we are plain: Men have a plain body, so curves are highly attractive. Curves are characteristic of women. Any curvy part of the body is very exciting.

Because get excited just by looking at them: We don’t need more to get excited. To men, a simple look at a pair of breasts gets everything ready for sex.

Looking at them always cheers us up: If you have a bad day and a pair of breasts suddenly run into our way, everything changes. The rainbow comes up and your day is bright.

Titfuck among other sexual fantasies: Breasts are useful for sexual fantasies. One of the most desired and practiced consists of grabbing the penis between the breasts.

Sleeping: Breasts are the best place to sleep. Their soft and cozy touch is the favorite place of many men to relax and end your day.

Showing them off: Men don’t have breasts, but their partner can have them. So, you’ll be the envy of every man, who will want to touch them, but will have to hold back.

One of the clients of Perla Negra has exclaimed frankly “if I was a woman, I would spend the whole day touching them.” A quote that is a perfect abstract to explain what for would men use feminine breasts, if they had a pair: For everything.

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