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​Spanish mongers, the champions of Europe
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​Spanish mongers, the champions of Europe

Monday 30 January 2017

There are villages of 3,000 inhabitants which have 5 or 6 brothels. € 5,000,000 per day on mongering expenses. There’s even a village of 200 inhabitants that counts on 7 brothels. That makes 2 or 3 visits average per man monthly. 1,500,000 paid fucks on a daily basis. Spanish mongers are definitely the champions of Europe.

The world of whores affects human life in a high percentage. Fucking is a vital necessity, but feeling desired, valued and worshipped by the other males and females is also important. The more you fuck, the better you are. This message has been heard clearer and louder in Spain than in the rest of the countries. Today, we’ll see how is like to be a Spanish monger, and who are the most famous mongers in the world. For that purpose, we have read the book “El putero español” (The Spanish Monger) by the authors Águeda Gómez Suárez, Silvia Pérez Freire and Rosa María Verdugo Matés.

“If I were Russian, I’d also come to Spain to fuck”

Alcohol and wild parties are part of the image of the country. Some mongers we have talked to have confirmed us that many clients in striptease clubs are foreigner. “People come here to have fun. Nobody knows them and they can do whatever they want. It isn’t as expensive as in their countries and they can have a threesome, if they feel like it. If I were Russian, I’d also come to Spain to fuck.”

If we take a ride through secondary roads, we will find strip clubs with neon lights in the dark. “They are in constant motion. Particularly the clubs off the coast. Some of them look like luxury hotels, others look like stingy motels but all of them work. That’s because we like whores. A lot. I don’t see this kind of road clubs in other European countries. That’s why foreigners go crazy when they come here.”

Whores: the key of their success

There are countless reasons to get a paid-fuck, it all depends on what kind of client you are. Some clients find paid sex kind of annoying because they feel the need to fuck. They hate women because they are dependent on them sexually and women ask them for money in exchange for satisfying them.

They aren’t looking for talking to the escort, neither having fun with her. Only having a quickie and coming back home. They are fed up with paying for sex, but they don’t have better options. They aren’t attractive enough to flirt, neither friendly to have sex with the last leftovers on the dancefloor at a nightclub. However, they need to fuck. So, they have to adapt to the situation.

Escorts can be seen as a mere service, too. One of the clients has told us “I’ve seen much porn and I like practicing what I’ve seen with an escort. I could wait to meet a girl who wants to, but I don’t have enough time for it. I’d rather pay the experience with a professional. Without complications.”

In fact, an escort offers her body and a list of services. To many, going to a brothel is the same as going to any other place, although they don’t visit it often.

There’s another kind of clients who aren’t able to see beyond whores. This kind of mongers are only interested in getting sex for money. They don’t even care about flirting and are more than used to brothels. They are normal to them. They think they “make love” to prostitutes and are closer and more loving than the other clients. Somehow, they believe they are the best friends of prostitutes. The only ones who understand them, and the only ones whores want to be with. In short, vain men.

Famous Spanish mongers

They say that anyone who appears on TV is a monger. This would enclose kings, politicians, sportsmen, singers, bullfighters, actors, journalists and a long etc. Once, a man said the Spanish king was “a bloody monger and a drunkard” and was fined with € 7,000.

A news broke out in 2015 involving David Bisbal in a VIP prostitution network in Argentine. That same year, the scandal about the brothels in Palma Beach (Mallorca) came out. Policemen and politicians lost their minds in nights full of sex with Russian escorts and champagne 7 days a week. They wanted to fuck, but pay with others’ money. Spanish mayors are like that. We have seen it on the mass media several times.

We are all mongers

Don’t pretend. We are all mongers. In 2013, Justin Bieber was caught while getting out of Centauro, the most renowned brothel in Rio de Janeiro, through the back door hiding under a white sheet. The poor guy wanted to have a discreet night with whores that ended on all the newspapers’ covers.

We all remember the rise and fall of Tiger Woods, a golf player that had it all and lost it all. He fancied fucking whores, but his wife didn’t agree. Everything collapsed and his sponsors turned their backs on him. The nights when he spent $ 60,000 in whores are now history.

The actor Charlie Sheen shouted to whoever wanted to listen that he has slept with over 5,000 women. Surely, most of them are whores because he also commented that he had spent $ 53,000 in escorts.

Eddie Murphy, the famous North American actor, was also looking for a discreet fuck, but US police is devoted to find mongers and fine them. Murphy was surprised while he was dating a prostitute that was actually a ladyboy.

In short, so many mongers looking for so many whores. It’s a worldwide thing, men need to have a fun fuck from time to time and don’t waste time waiting for the right girl. It happens the same in Spain as in any other country, the difference is that we recognise it. We are mongers, the same as the others.

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