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​What is tickling about?
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​What is tickling about?

Wednesday 15 November 2017

If you were dying from pleasure before, now you’ll die from laughter. On our blog we are commenting the most common and unusual sexual fantasies, but tickles requires all our attention. The lifelong tickles now plunge into the sexual scene. The world of escorts isn’t only about golden shower, rimming, Greek or lesbian, it’s also about laughing, laughing out loud.

A documentary about tickling

A New Zealander journalist has devoted to visit the different quizzes of tickles there are around the world. David Farrier is the clever communicator who has decided for getting into the world of this ancient Chinese torture.

What can we see in a documentary about tickles? Toned and tied men wearing tracksuits. Initially, this scene can be delightful to many women. At least the time when they lower their guard and adopt the passive role! Women get saucy and take their main tool. It isn’t a whip, neither handcuffs, nor a dildo or a selection of lubes. It is a feather!

Its softness and delicacy contrast the involuntary movements men do when it slides through the sole of their feet. They didn’t come to suffer, however, how twist those men!

Without beating around the bush for longer, the sexy version of tickling is born: sexy tickling escort. Are you ready to get into the hands of an escort equipped with a feather?

Tickles for all

Tickles represent the involuntary reaction when somebody touches certain points in a determined way. Then, we lose control of our movements and burst in laughter. Humans love studying everything, so scientists have already differentiated two types of tickles.

On the one hand, the soft ones made with nails or the fingertips; on the other hand, those which lead to an uncontrolled reaction are called knismesis. To some experts in tickles and evolution, we aren’t capable of laughing if we are sad, to others we are capable, but only if somebody tickles us.

Some scientists have concluded that tickles upgrade the social status of those who tickle and also increase the opportunities to reproduce. They came to those conclusions after tickling rats and observing how they run around the cage to find their hands and get more of that wonderful sensation. Lab rats aren’t silly and have always been a reflection of human behaviour. Roosters, dogs, cats, all the denizens in nature like tickles and want more.

Once we have classified and named them, let’s see why we like them so much and how they are related to a date with an escort.

I’m dying from laughter

When somebody touches our armpits unexpectedly, the muscles contract so quickly they make us laugh. Tickles are a way of self-defense to face an unexpected stimulus. The proof is that it’s impossible to die from laughter if we tickle ourselves. This happens because the element of surprise disappears.

The contraction of muscles is so strong it is good to strengthen them. The trainings of some runners and athletes include tickles on the sole of their feet. After the experience, muscles and tendons strengthen and their mood gets positive because of the laughters.

They ease intimacy

Who has used tickles as a mean to intimate with someone? Practically everybody puts their hand up and nods after this question. In certain way, that delicate and unexpected touch is the perfect way to approach a person. We’d better be sure or suspect it’s mutual, otherwise the reaction will be moving away the arm, hand or foot immediately.

However, if we spot on and there’s something special between us and the other person, tickles become a crystal-clear way of expressing our feelings. It is a perfect approach when we are watching a movie at the cinema, very bored at a classroom or taking a coffee and our hands are on the table.

This practice isn’t only for couples, but also for friends, family and, in the case of this documentary, for competitive big strong fellows in tracksuits. Tickles are for many situations but they always involve intimacy and surprise, if we are looking for a laughter.

Escorts and tickling

Escorts know much about fetishes and, of course, there are some experts in tickling, too. If you have decided for experiencing softness and intimacy with a gorgeous escort with a feather in her hand, you can look into the profiles whoever escort offering this service, or directly ask her if she’s familiarized.

Ribs, neck, armpits, feet or forearms are some of the key areas to enjoy this intimate practice. There are escorts who use a feather, others use their hands or hair, others, their nails. There are tastes for every color and each one of them has their own style.

Tickling is an activity that unites ourselves to the person we are feeling them with. Oneself can’t reach the same pleasure or enjoy them as much as you do when you have them in company, it’s like sex.

You can book an escort expert in tickling at a suite and experiment the tickling art in her hands or ask her to visit you at your home and turn the moment into something very special. Anyway, we will be glad to amaze you with her perfect caresses, maybe on the sole of your feet, your neck or your back. Don’t be shy and let yourself be astonished. Laughters don’t conflict with the sensuality of touch. We are sure you can enjoy it all while you are in her company.

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