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AIDS: Recommended preventive practices
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AIDS: Recommended preventive practices

Tuesday 02 December 2014

1st of December, the World AIDS day reminds us about the powerful presence of this disease. Even though the antiretroviral treatments (ART) can offer an improvement to the patients lives' quality, there is no vaccine that can cure them yet, after decades of its emergence.

From the homosexual community to anybody

These days people are celebrating the 23rd anniversary of Freddie Mercury's death; the legendary Queen singer died because he caught AIDS disease a few years before. AIDS was the homosexual community threat during the eighties and the nineties, becoming during the following years the murderer of intravenous (IV) drug addicts, haemophilia disease sufferers, people who need blood transfusion, and, of course, sex workers.

According to the Ministry of Health data, the main cause of the disease spreading is happening among the homosexual community, although they are the chariest and they do more regular testing than the heterosexual community. The illegal asylum seekers' community could represent the fifty per cent of the new infections, but the authorities cannot control these data since this community has no access to public health services any more.

Despite of the information given to the citizens, Spain is the EU country with a major number of AIDS sufferers. Actually, one third of the infected do not even know they carry the disease, and according to the Ministry of Heath data, there could be around fifty thousand people who do not know they suffer from AIDS.

Oral sex, can it transmit AIDS disease?

AIDS can be transmitted through oral sex to a man or a woman, but in a quite lower percentage than through anal or vaginal sex. The proportion of major danger in one way or another in sex practices cannot be guaranteed, but in the oral sex practice the chances increase if the doer has a sore mouth or bleeding irritated gums. If one of the sex partners has been recently infected and his or her body has a high level of infection, or suffers from another STD plus AIDS, the chances are very high he or she infects the other partner.

The type of sexual practices are also important, practising oral sex to a man with AIDS is highly risky if the infected guy cumshots in the bowjobber's mouth, for instance; many contagions have happened this way. Even though the transmissions data are not relevant, there is a chance to catch AIDS disease when practising oral sex to an infected woman, especially when she has her period.

Nevertheless, an AIDS disease infected person can practice oral sex and hardly ever would he or she transmit it, since AIDS cannot be spread through saliva.

Anyway, the advisable procedure is not to practice oral sex if somebody has a sore mouth or bleeding irritated gums, unless he or she uses a condom or a mouth guard. To avoid mouth cumshots is a good way of preventing the infection.

It is good to remember that there are other STD like syphilis, herpes or gonorrhoea that can be easily transmitted though oral sex. If there is no use of condoms or mouth guards, it is advisable to go through tests quite regularly.

Anal sex 

This type of sexual practice is the AIDS disease transmission's main cause in all the statistics data researches about condomless practices. According to the AIDS Map, the chances of catching AIDS increases from 1 to 25 when the sufferer has been recently infected.

Practising sex with condom is imperative in order to prevent AIDS infections, although this is not a one hundred per cent effective procedure. Many people think if they cum outside is enough, but the researches say otherwise, this is not a way of preventing the spreading, yet it is still better than doing it inside and with no condom.

Vaginal sex

Vaginal sex is another mean of spreading or catching AIDS disease, being the ladies the highly risked targets. In this practice, condom strikes back as the most advisable preventive procedure. In the world, the major number of transmissions are spread this way, because the levels of viruses concentration in the semen and the vaginal fluids are very high, and if we add to this the genitalia skin's sensitivity, which tend to easily catch infections, this ends up being a very dangerous equation. Men can also catch AIDS practising vaginal sex because of the little wounds in their penises or the mucous in the urethra.

Other sexual practices

Fingering and fisting: introducing the fingers or the fists in a vagina or an anus is not a risky way of catching AIDS unless there are wounds or cuts. It is recommended to practise them with latex gloves.

Sex toys: the introduced objects in a vagina or an anus should be covered with condoms and should be thoroughly washed after each use. It is important to remember that using the same toy with the same condom for more than one person is equivalent to be using it with no condom at all. If the toy irritates or injuries the body tissue, the risk of catching AIDS increases in posterior practices.

Black kiss: the oral-anal contact can be dangerous if there are wounds in the rectum or if there are bleeding gums, although this is not a common way of transmitting AIDS disease.

Reciprocal masturbation: it is dimly probable one can catch AIDS masturbating someone else, only in the case of using semen or vaginal fluids in order to excite the partner could increase the risk.

Watersports: in the urine we find AIDS antibodies, but there are no recorded cases in the disease transmission through this practice.

SM: it does not represent a way of spreading or catching AIDS disease, since very often the sexual contact does not even exist. Only the use of whips, piercings or any other way or making someone else bleed can increase the risk.

Semen in the eye: it is not a not a common way of spreading the disease.

Kisses: it is not possible to spread AIDS through kissing.

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