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Are all women bisexual?
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Are all women bisexual?

Wednesday 09 November 2016

Although the current world order urges us to feel attracted by women, if we are men and vice versa, it is way more complex than it seems. It doesn’t sound weird coming from women, right? Straight males enjoy the company of two busty escorts; but, after carrying an experiment, we have found that straight women look at them with desire, too. We are going to explore feminine sexual attraction with the help of the last psychologic studies.

Do you fancy women, men, or both?

Most Iberic males would answer by going straight to the point: women! And women would equally answer: men! However, a psychologic study has highlighted an urban myth: women fancy men, but they’d also enjoy making out with a hot girl like, for instance, a busty escort.

The experiment was based on displaying movies which had sex scenes between two men, who busty escorts and a straight couple. The result was that gay and straight men got aroused by watching men and women respectively. Nothing weird so far.

But, the big surprise was that gay and straight women got aroused by every sex scene. They did not find a single scene disgusting to them. A pair of boobs, a dick, a vagina, everything seems to be fine to them!

Being bisexual is considered as an aberration, or a flaw, truth it is the natural inclination of women. It is no wonder that women would rather date men during their fertile days and women during their non-fertile periods.

Not all women are bisexual

This doesn’t mean that all women are bisexual. It is true that feminine sexuality is much more flexible and fluent than masculine; in addition, it has more possibilities to adapt to new ways of excitation.

One of the theories which explain this is related to evolution. In case of pregnancy and male’s escape, females can still be accompanied and have a full sexual life without needing males. They only need to look for human heat in another female and go on with their life.

Maybe a little time after

Are you reading these post and don’t feel identified? You may be the kind of woman who is thinking about trying a lesbian experience in some years from now. When you are fed up with men, or your fertility levels decrease.

We have talked to two escorts about sex among women. The busty escort has told us that she “had never made out with another woman until I started working on professional sex. Everybody knows that a duo, or a lesbian are shows which are well paid and get men really horny. One night, I had a date with a man who wanted to fuck two escorts. I had trained with my friend for that show and it worked. The three of us played together in the shower and then, on the bed. He got really satisfied and I realised that I also fancy girls.”

Another luxury escort in Barcelona has told us about her experience with lesbian sex. She is gorgeous, pretty and busty. We aren’t surprised to hear she has tried a lot of experiences in this suite. “I had made out with girls before. I don’t like not to feel free. If I like a boy, then I tell him, and the same goes for girls. To me, sex is natural. People should sleep with whoever they want, without embarrassment, or taboos.”

Blessed services for couples

A lesbian affair is the fantasy that many women think about, but few dare to accept. That is why services for couples are a good way to have a hot sexual experience with one or two busty escorts.

Are you tired of fucking your couple, but you don’t like the idea of cheating? Do you have a special girlfriend to spend a naughty night in her company? Do you think that sex between two is boring and three is never a crowd? Then, you’ll love services for couples!

The call girls who collaborate with the best brothels in Barcelona have revealed us secrets about straight women’s attraction for other women. “Services for couples are based on it. They are a man and a woman who want to have fun with prostitutes. It doesn’t mind if they are university teen call girls or busty escorts. Many times, the woman makes out a prostitute while her husband watches the scene.”This is an accepted way to have a lesbian affair and make your husband happy. Some would say that this is alike to take your wife hooking up with you, but nothing further from reality.

Married couples who are confident enough to talk about sex and confess their lack of satisfaction or curiosity for other experiences have really mature relationships.

We have talked to one of the regular couples who usually come over to Perla Negra to enjoy services for couples. “We have been together for seventeen years now and we have tried almost everything in bed. We love each other and don’t like the idea of cheating. Both of us wanted to try new things. I felt like trying a woman. I had never been with one, but I always wanted. One night, we met a busty escort. I liked the idea, she was a very feminine and curvy girl. The three of us had a blast. In addition to be a stunning girl, she was also very funny. We repeated, but with other busty escorts.”

It is clear. Passion ends, but eager for being together doesn’t. Maybe the solution to it is adding a spicy touch to your relationship. Something lustful, pleasing. A lesbian fantasy with a stunning escort and sharing it with your partner

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