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Top 5 features ladies find attractive in men
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The gentlemen's top five attractive features according to the ladies

Monday 03 November 2014

Ladies tend to be quite naïve when answering this key question: What do they really like about gentlemen? Many women say that it is not the physical condition, but this is obviously a lie; some other ladies say they like the conversation subjects they can have together, but this answer does not seem very plausible either; and, ah, they also mention their gallantry, but this is real nonsense; by asking, you'll get to Rome, and we have reached to quite different answers from the mentioned above. Let's find out what about men really catch the ladies' eyes.

Once they have mentioned reliance, intelligence, sense of humour and personality, ladies look at something else, much more shallow but really important as well. Indeed, it is nice to have a good conversation with a man, but a good body has to match it to make it a perfect date.

Too muscle-fit bodies are not such a big deal

While asking the female audience, we found out quite amazed that too muscle-fit guys are not in the top positions, when it concerns to long-term relationships -something more than sexual marathoner one night-stands.


It stroke us when talking to a bisexual escort, that she loves a nice pair of legs -no matter if they are ladies' or gentlemen's- and not only a pretty face. Legs are really attractive for her, and the bisexual escort we were talking to, confessed this means power and dominance as well. Curiously, legs' length mean health. Short-legged men have more risk to suffer from heart conditions. Our bisexual escort said she really likes to observe walking styles and the elegance legs can convey. So we recommend guys to work out their legs keeping them strong and fit.

The back

In our conversation with the girls, one of the uni girl escort -a very young escort - told us the back is the top feature she likes, especially when it is shirtless. A nice broad back means strength and protection, and if it is hairless the lovelier, of course. The uni girl escort confessed a very interesting story: “I love it when I get a shower with a client with a hairless broad back, fit because of some sport practising like swimming. I melt when I look at a naked man from behind, much more than head-on”.

The hair

senior escort  confessed she loves the hair the most. “I like it so much, I can spend a whole wild night grabbing his hair without noticing his body. I love well-cared thick curly brown hair. I like men who look after themselves, and who have lovely shiny hair, no matter if it is long or short”. It looks like the bisexual escorts, the Brazilian escorts , and the uni girls escorts agree in dark-coloured hair preferences in guys upon blond men, because they find it more mysterious as well as they see more powerfulness in brown and black colours. Keeping our conversation, a Lebanese escort said that in her country most gentlemen are dark-haired, and this is why she loves blond guys.

The buttocks

One Colombian escort  said she is really in love with men's buttocks, and immediately the bisexual escort, the uni girl escort and the senior escort nodded and backed her words, claiming that it is extremely important that a guy must hold a good ass. The very young escort said: “I cannot stand it when a nice boy turns around and has no bum, like a blackboard. I love it when a man fills up his jeans front and backside, it does not have to be as round as mine, but it definitely has to be grabbable”.

The eyes

And we get to number one in our male attractiveness list, the eyes. Women really pay attention to them, and the escorts we were talking to, spoke crystal clear; the bisexual escort said: “Both in ladies and gentlemen, eyes are an essential part for me. They convey, they confess, they bind up, I don't know... they speak for themselves. When having sex, everything is clear when looking at the eyes, I know if they are truly enjoying, if they are just experiencing wild sex, or if they are looking for affection as well, I don't know... the gaze clarity speaks for itself, that is why I don't trust a man who avoids to look me in the eyes”.

The Russian escort  confessed something quite similar: “When I have an appointment with a client, I can tell immediately what he is made of by simply looking at his eyes for a few seconds, sometimes people say I am a seer, because I am quite hard to fool”.

The senior escort also remarked she needs to feel the attraction through the men's eyes: “I find the eyes the sexiest part of a guy, as well as a good bum and a pair of long legs. I don't mind their colour, but their message. I remember I had a booking with a guy, then while we were having sex we crossed glances and I suddenly knew there was something else apart from screwing, we did not fell in love or anything, but we used to spend great moments together, lots of good sex and many experiences outside the bedroom; we used to go out for dinner, for drinks, for good fun together... It was like a good sexual friendship, he was a remarkable client, and everything started with a glance when having a vaginal penetration, it wasn't one in a million, it was outstanding”.

Well, there is a clear message to gentlemen: look after your legs, your backs, your asses, you hair and your eyes, it seems these parts are extremely important for ladies. Keep yourselves fit practising sports with the best sex professionals: an evening in the gym cannot beat a good sexual marathon, besides, this last one is much more worth it to remember.

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