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Wednesday 02 November 2016

One, two, three. Give us an answer! If we say anal sex, does it make you think about women’s arse, or men’s arse? After having interviewed escorts and their clients about this question, we can state that anal sex lead to think about a woman’s arse most times. Why do we want to convince men about anal sex pleasures on their own bodies? Today, on our beloved blog, A-levels for everyone!

Using the back hole to enjoy sex, gaining self confidence and exploring far pleasures are things that modern society has labelled as to be girls and gay business. We are going to try to destroy the myths surrounding this subject, just the way we always do: freely and freshly, tabooless.

Let’s break this down. Pussies, dicks, women’s arses, or men’s arses aren’t the same thing. We all agree so far. Pussies are in charge of women’s greatest pleasure and lead them to experience infinite orgasms, but only men get ass orgasms thanks to their G-spot. Then, why should we censure masculine anal sex?

Religion, culture, taboos

Everything is arranged to prevent men from enjoying their greatest pleasure. However, the hottest escorts and sluts in Barcelona, who have expertise in these pleasures, exist to please those men who are ready to enjoy their body and leave prejudices behind.

Anal sex has some considerations to make before practicing it. Obviously, the first one is hygiene. There are Asian porn movies where actors enjoy eating shit, rub it against their skin and wallow in it. If you find it disgusting, you’d better have an enema and a rectum cleaning before practicing A-levels.

Otherwise, you get exposed to see excrements popping out with their characteristic smell, which is so mood-killer. So, everything is about cleaning, hygiene and emptying. Do you get it?

Opening practices

Anus needs to get relaxed, and even more relaxed if it is your first time. Dilatation is a previous step to take which eases a pleasurable experience. Luckily for everyone, sphincters are tight strong muscles. It has to be relaxed to let it go.

Rimming is one of the most efficient ways to get an anus dilated. Your tongue and lips will ease penetration. Some escorts start rimming and go on fingering, putting them in their client’s anus while watching how horny they get.

Dildos and other toys

There are straight men who want to explore their anus’s pleasures. In order to get it, the escort uses vibrators and dildos of different sizes. If we think about toys only as something to use in escorts’ asses, then their utilities are very limited.

Only going beyond conventionalisms and taboos, we will be able to explore sex as much as we want and getting our own top 10 list about what we like the most. Play with your escort’s ass and let her play with yours.

Lube is necessary in anal sex. Anus doesn’t have natural lubrication, on the contrary to vagina, which is prepared to fuck. We must buy lube at a chemist’s, for instance, and apply as much as we need. Using lube will ease your anal sex experience.

Is it harmful or pleasurable?

This is a common question when it comes to anal sex. There are men and women for every opinion on this subject. Many escorts and call girls have told us that they are able to get ass orgasms; some others do it to please or impress their client, but isn’t especially pleasurable for them. However, most clients of Perla Negra we have asked about it say that they wouldn’t try it only a few of them have confessed. “Yes, I like A-levels. Men’s G-spot, so if your escort is skilled, you’ll have the best cum in your life.”

BDSM, deep Greek anal sex and Dirty Sánchez

Anal sex offers many possibilities. It is more expensive and less requested than vaginal sex, although there are many callgirls and escorts ready to give their clients their ass.

Clients of Perla Negra say that the best part of putting your dick in an ass is that they feel more pleasure, and consequently more pleasure. Others wouldn’t change pussies for nothing else and the most conservative devote to blowjobs and putting it in according to the Western tradition.

Anal sex is only suitable for daring people. Deep Greek anal sex consists of getting into the deepest part of someone. Giving it and receiving it are extraordinarily different experiences. It is a part of BDSM and also fetishes like Dirty Sánchez.

It is advisable to always use a condom for this practice, even between steady couples. Tearings and and wounds are common during this practice.

Dirty Sánchez refers to a fantasy consisting in putting your dick or a dildo out the ass during anal sex and rubbing it against your partner’s upper lip.

Human creativity doesn’t have limits in sex. However, don’t forget that to keep a good memory of a sexual practice, it is necessary not to get a sexual transmitted disease which is hard, or even impossible to heal.  

Leave aside porn actors’ lies and always use a condom to have sex, especially anal sex. Rectum bacterias should stay there and never spread out in your mouth, vagina, ears, or nose. There is a place for everything. 

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