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Thursday 03 December 2015

Black escorts: pussy magnetism

We are at Western world where beauty stereotype is white. Fair skin, blue eyes, blonde mane. Honestly, they are sweet, but a little boring. Robert de Niro knows it well, since it is widely known his passion for black women, nothing can compare to their dark skin and their sensual bodies. We are sorry for the other escorts, today we are only focusing on black escorts in Barcelona.

Black escorts have been trendy since immemorial times. Black escorts attract all attention, and have great sex appeal which few escorts know to take advantage of. Among black escorts there are different levels and nationalities. Is a Cuban escort as black as a mature escort? Yes, why not? A black escort can be Spanish, -what a surprise!-, Catalan or a teen university escort . Can be black an escort who advertises as a Russian escort? Of course! Do you remember Boris Becker, the famous German tennis player?

He missed a match ball

A black model, probably also a black escort, was performing a bareback blowjob on him and when he cummed, she runned away holding his sperm in her mouth; he kept it and got inseminated. After fighting in courts, the tennis player was forced to take care of the kid’s support. Poor man, he only wanted to spend a nice time without compromise or penetration, look how he ended.

Once we have explained a bit the first doubts about black escorts and black whores in Barcelona, we will explain what is really important about them, what are dates with them like, what is different by their side, and what is like to fuck with them.

Dating a black escort

When we look for black escorts or black whores in Barcelona on a website, we should keep in mind that black skin tones vary from tanned skin to the most black skin. It depends on several aspects, but they can be fairer or darker. If we call an escort service club in Barcelona and ask for a date with a black luxury whore, we should inform them what tones of skin we like because there are a lot of them. Same happens with white skins, a Nordic fair tone isn’t alike to a Mediterranean tone.

African black escorts are a delicious ebony taste. Wide hips, firm asses, super sensual curvy women with such smooth skin you will wonder why did you wasted your time with other escorts, when black escorts are at your fingerprints.

Their lips are full and extremely juicy. A blowjob performed by a black escort is definitely different to a blowjob performed by any other escort. Their moves, attitude and walks are elegant, they usually are excellent companions for an erotic and sensual evening.

Many of them are expert in deep throat and big professionals, so they will gladly fulfill every kind of requests ranging from deep anal sex to golden shower. Feel free to ask for your dirtiest and most perverted fantasies, they will perform them as the great sex workers they are.

Clients' opinion

We have talked with some clients about what is like to have a date with a black escort or a black whore in Barcelona. They say it is something different from all the other escorts. Russian escorts, teen university escorts, and Spanish escorts are highly hot and beautiful but, according to them, sex with one of these women is only comparable to passion night under the stars, fucking like wild beasts, something that can’t be said about other kinds of escorts.

Do the power of black escorts and black whores in Barcelona is so intense? It seems so, because all their clients have the same opinion. What about oral sex? Have they performed it on black escorts? Yes, and they say it is alike to drink Africa and all its secrets up.

So, fucking a black escort is something we all should experience once in our life; we are in! We want to get lost in their scents, juicy lips and legendary sensuality in bed. We also want to fuck as real lions and feel we are the kings of the jungle. Beware! We are only talking about black African escorts, there are black escorts in America too, like Caribbean escorts or black escorts born in Europe.

Do you feel like tasting a black escort or a black whore in Barcelona? Let’s deep in their way of fucking. Black escorts are thought to have personality. Do you feel aroused by thinking you are about to fuck a wild beast? Do you prefer prim women? Dominate or be dominated in a room?

If you ask a black escort to satisfy you, she will perform the best blowjob of your life. Imagine how pleasurable can be a blowjob performed by a warm smooth mouth. If you don’t immediately cum, taste vaginal sex or anal sex with your favorite black escort; join together in a secret wetness. Enjoy her hips movements, her pussy magnetism, DATY to feel her scent. You will cum abundantly, and you will finally find out that black escorts are ebony goddesses in bed. 

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