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Thursday 28 July 2016

Puritans vs. Wankers

Erection problems, rashes and even scabs. Those are the results, according to the anti-masturbation movement in the US, masturbation provokes, apart from loosing virility and social dignity. And social dignity! Well, it seems the members of that movement are proclaiming how many times they wank a day and people are starting to look at them the wrong way. Today, on our dear blog, crazy North Americans, our dirtiest and most perverse fantasies and plenty more.

If individuals protesting against wanking are bothered by our wanks, what would they think of a brothel in Barcelona?

They would probably love trying a Golden shower by the hottest call girls in Barcelona, but they are not gonna shout about that in their hometowns. No. For them, truth is not spoken out loud, only in whispers. Their public persona is male, white, hetero and religious, with their hands on their patchwork blanket; they asked some small town girl to marry them while they ploughed corn and, of course, they never ate her pussy. On the loose on a brothel they would be quite scary, their mental chains broken and their deepest repressions on view for everyone at the brothel to see.

The anti-masturbation movement in the US is also raging against porn. Because one enjoys too much watching it and, of course, one thing leads to another and then we have the rotten apple inside our trousers and we lose our social ranking and all that. This group says such nonsense that in the end someone has finally researched if indeed porn and masturbation are so bad for humanity and the world.

Brothel in Barcelona, porn and wanks

In any good brothel in Barcelona it’s well known that porn movies are part of the fun and masturbation one of the best ways to get started for action. It seems that the more porn you watch the more you need to get excited, however, people administer well their viewing and it’s all good. Truth is, if you watch a lot of porn, you show it. Open computer screens with XXX at work, the viewing record wont erase and such things. Suddenly nobody wants to touch your keyboard and one realises that our secret is no secret anymore.

Rashes and scabs

It’s pretty shocking that the puritanical movement against wanking report rashes and scabs as a result of masturbation. To get a scab you need a lot of wanking! university student escorts, Venezuelan escorts and luxury escorts have told us about the most common wounds or accidents at a brothel in Barcelona. Most of the time they consist of bangs to the head, says the university student escort, against the wall for example, and it’s very common, it’s happened more than once to her customers. At the heat of the moment, they lose their head and bang it without even noticing.

Friction burns while practicing sex are the second most common accident at a brothel in Barcelona, according to the escort. It usually happens more than once. Who suffers it more often, the escort or the client? Lack of lubricant, of course, could leave them both with a friction burn to remember. With anal sex it usually happens if it’s not done correctly, using lubricant and of course warming up the area before fucking, such as rimming.

Scabs on a dick, as strange as it may sound, are not so rare. According to a study by Nicole Prause, forty per cent of men has had them after a session of wanking with a porn movie.

Masturbation: a dangerous addiction?

In puberty, plenty youngsters suffer remorse after masturbating. Made up threats abound: you can go blind, deaf, suffer headaches, even become sterile or get pimples on your face. The reasons to avoid young guys and girls masturbating are plentiful but, is there any truth in it? Truth is that sexual self gratification has plenty benefits according to the medical community. It’s a way of liberating, relaxing and knowing oneself without the dangers of starting sex at an early age.

The possible interpretation of porn movies at such a tender age it’s probably not the best option but repression is not the answer either. Before getting to university, many youngsters have had their first sexual experience and others are still awaiting it. Therefore, some go to a brothel in Barcelona and spend their cash on an unforgettable shag with and escort. And if the teenager only dreams of dirty and perverse fantasies but never makes them true, don’t be surprised if your son joins the ranks of the anti-masturbation movement one day.

Not to worry

In conclusion, wounds or accidents during sex hare more common than we think. Friction burns, scabs and rashes don’t mean we are addicted to sex or the wanking afternoons with a porn movie. Truth is these puritanical groups are always making up arguments to control other people’s pleasure while they dream of secretly going to a brothel in Barcelona.

Wounds, rashes and scabs are the end result of many activities, not only sex; however unfounded rumors about sex to terrorize people abound and are still there. They only create complexes and shame but never deter people from having sex. It would be great if they practice it freely and without complexes, without fear of saying one has a sore dick from wanking.

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