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Thursday 14 May 2015

Where else is better than Barcelona to find the best Catalan escorts? Same happens with the renowned Catalan recipe “pà amb tomàquet”, which consists of toasted bread with tomato rubbed over and seasoned with olive oil and salt; where else is better to taste it than its own homeland? Nowhere! Let’s see how the best escorts in the Catalan main city are.

There are many escorts who are living all over the world. A man can try sex tourism without leaving his own city. How many wonders international agreements which allow us to cross frontiers have brought for our use and benefit of beautiful creatures of nature! One does not need to be rich or handsome to have sex with the most beautiful ladies of all continents. Well, better said, one needs to have big money, but not so much attractiveness.

Thank God, cities have always been full of people from many countries; otherwise they would be very boring. We can find Brazilian escortsRussian escortsJapanese escorts, or black escorts at clubs, but Catalan escorts in Barcelona have something that makes them special; clients are not captivated by their far exotic homeland, culture, or physique appearance. Quite the opposite, their success lies on a full proximity with clients; they could be the next door neighbors.

Being able to fuck your neighbor -finally, hallelujah!!!!!- causes fascination

 The most pervert and dirty fantasies for many men involve those women who they see every day. They secretly covet them, come across them at the entrance hall of their home and chat about the weather in the elevator while they look sideways at their boobs and get horny. Then they must pretend and say “have a nice day” to her.

Here lies Catalan escorts’ success in Barcelona. Those who daydream with a woman, who they see every day, can suddenly find her working as a luxury prostitute, or as a Catalan escort.

Fucking with people from other countries is socially well accepted when it comes to chat with friends. However, when the international list is very long, but the national conquests are few, a man can feel the necessity of showing his masculinity and his abilities in bed to neighbors, too.

What makes fucking with a Catalan escort in Barcelona so special? That she doesn’t look like a whore? That she can be any girl at the disco? That you will be able to get to understand better each other? That you are going to fuck in Catalan? Any of these reasons is good enough to fuck with a Catalan escort in Barcelona.

There are not many Catalan escorts in Barcelona, because they don’t want to run into their neighbors at the club, nor at a hotel room. Don’t panic, it is possible to find them if you know how to look for them.

Catalan escorts in Barcelona: a more real fantasy

Agent Starling (Jodie Foster) said in The Silence of the Lambs that we covet what we see every day; that’s why the mean character of the movie was delighted by making sexy bodices out of the skin of women who he saw every day.

That is something alike to what happens to all of us. There’s nothing which nourish more our fantasies than such things that are at your fingertips. Daydreaming about a porn movie isn’t interesting, but daydreaming about a person, who we greet, chat, and even go out partying together; that’s far from boring.

Catalan escorts’ success in Barcelona lies on their proximity and their beauty. Clients can daydream about having a more real date with a girl that doesn’t look like a prostitute. GFE is more authentic, escorting to events more balanced, and there’s a better connection with the client when it comes to sex. Why? Because cultural proximity also counts, and it is an important aspect for many clients, despite the attraction and seduction power of Venezuelan escorts, Egyptian escorts, or Italian escorts.

Does it feel the same fucking a Catalan escort in Barcelona in the ass as doing it to any other escort?

According to street philosophy, putting sexually down a foreigner doesn’t mean the same as doing it to a neighbor. For some weird minds, fucking someone who is foreign in the ass is less victorious than fucking someone who speaks the same language as them; it’s “cooler” –as they say.

Let’s be sincere, religion stops many people when it comes to practice sex; they don’t even dare to tell their girlfriends what they would like to do in bed. That’s the reason why they appeal to whores; to give free rein to their most pervert and dirtiest fantasies without anybody’s knowledge. They feel completely satisfied when they fuck with somebody who is alike to them, because they release tensions this way. Putting sexually down a girl of his own culture whom can run into her on the street and remember how he fucked her, definitely turn them on.

Is this behavior just foolish or wicked?

We are never getting this answer; the truth is that human mind works in unexpected ways when it comes to sex. The secret of fucking with a Catalan escort in Barcelona is the proximity that other escorts couldn’t provide.

What would be the point of view of foreigners? It’s very clear. Trying local escorts to taste the savor of Catalonia turn them on. The best part of calling a Catalan escort in Barcelona is that she is a professional and a beautiful escort for sure.

Sometimes, it isn’t advisable to take risks, or waste your time checking the local bars to taste the national product.  Calling to book a date with one of these beautiful escorts is enough for you to enjoy to the fullest! 

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