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Christmas toys

Friday 16 December 2016

On this festive season, we’ll talk about: Christmas toys. Presents arrive and adults who wish to carry on playing would like to receive a very special gift. Do you have enough closeness with your partner to propose something racy? Whether you do or not, you can dare and tempt her with a different kind of present.

A dildo, a vibrator, rings, XXX dice games or a hot disguise....these are some of the thousand ideas that our ever present consumerism offers. Let’s see some of the suggestions to have a more comfortable winter.

Lady Santa and her complements

Erotic disguises are a fun way to play in bed with a friend. For many, disguises are the great unknown when improving our sexual life. However, others are very much in the know.

One of the Christmas presents we propose to venture into new sexual terrains are disguises. Not surprisingly one of men’s greatest fantasies is to dress as a woman and to have a knockout girl happily fuck them.

Police, sexy nurse, school girl, rocker and even Lady Santa are some of the better known. Going even further, we find the super daring, like the BDSM, Latex or black leather, outfits extremely tight and provocative, a whip and heels to look into the abyss. A man doesn’t need anything else to get lost in a fantasy.

To make the game very realistic we can, even, improve the atmosphere or the decoration. So, a sexy nurse should have a stretcher and soft light. Good talent to feel and find what she’s looking for an, of course, a pair of gloves and a suppository.

Everything can contribute to increment the engagement of the participants. Think of that disguise and don’t forget to choose the music, the lighting, perhaps something appropriate to drink and, of course, objects that help improve pleasure like the following ones we’ll describe.

Vibrators for all tastes

Think of a texture and it has it; think of a material and it has it; think of a size and it has it too. There are vibrators and dildos for all tastes. From small things up to vibrator the size of a Spanish ham. You can play by yourself or accompanied.

  • One of the biggest sellers is the one with a suction pad on its base. That way, it can be stuck to a chair, on the mirror in your wardrobe or in the bathroom wall and have a good time on your own or, as any exhibitionist would do, in front of someone.
  • There are devices to leave on top of the clitoris and let them do their job. “It offers great and intense orgasms straight away. It can be used all day long”. Says the label in one of the ones shown to us at the shop.
  • Are you are real fan of cocks? Don’t worry. You’ll find them in all sizes; even exact reproductions of the most famous cocks in the world can be bought, like the ones from the most famous porn stars.
  • Do you want to play with your girl for real? You can give her a double penetrator and clitoris massager, all the same time. But, watch! She could end up using it without you.
  • Escorts tell us that dildos and vibrators are a “very useful thing”. The university student escort tells us that “many of my clients get really turned on when they see me giving pleasure to myself; others, more open, also want me to give them pleasure with the toy”. Other toys or erotic games are:

  • The harness is a belt with a silicone cock that, usually, is used to stick it up wherever is agreed. It’s a very versatile toy. Generally, women wear it to penetrate women and men without major pretensions.
  • Have you thought about going to a dinner among friends and for your girl to get her pussy wet without control? We propose panties with pro orgasms chip with a remote control.
  • If you are confused, you can organise a tupper sex at home and try all kind of lubricants, toys and other suggestions.

  • Service to couples

    Other of the ideas as Christmas toys is to think about putting into practice new sexual terrains with your partner. This is a service only for those couples who have lots of trust. Making a trio with a sex professional is not the easy to propose to wives and girlfriends. But don’t miss the opportunity to test the terrain. You may discover in your partner the best ally in sexual adventures.

    Some call it “taking your own wife to a whorehouse”; others call it “complicity”. Whatever it is, escorts tell us that service to couples is one of the most sought after services.

    It’s true that one can date an escort and not necessarily bring one’s official partner; it can also be a friend or a passing fling but even so, we encourage people to open up to their partners and inquire about their very dirty and perverse fantasies; which they surely have, like everybody else.

    If you don’t know how to propose the service to couples to your girl, you can go out drinking with her one night and place yourself near a stunning girl. It’s possible that, once she’s had a few, she lets her guard down and you can ask her what she thinks of the beauty next to you.

    Oral gifts

    If you are against buying and buying to be happy and show your partner you love them, what you can do is to give them a good blowjob or eat their pussy. That’s always free and most people love it... well done!

    On our dear blog we have written a post about the best oral sex and its tricks both for men and women. You can have a look and improve your skills or perhaps you already are a master in the oral loving arts and our blog has nothing new for you but, we suspect, you will get something out of it for you and her.

    What did you think about our ideas as Christmas toys? Have you tried any? Tell us about it!

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