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Cyberdildonics: the most real remote sex arrives.
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Cyberdildonics: the most real remote sex arrives.

Monday 23 January 2017

When we separate from our partner, we missed them from the heart and also… the genitals. Until now, if we were far away from our companion, the only thing we could do was phone sex. What are you wearing? What would you do to me? Pant a little higher, I can’t hear you! And so on until the long-awaited orgasm.

Today we have solutions that imitate human caresses and plenty more. If you have 500 Euros to spend and want to know what all of this is about, don’t miss this post about teledildonics, also known as cyberdildonics.

The cybersexual world

Cybersex for many is getting inside a chat and writing dirty to get horny and finally come. But that’s very old. Things today go further and, above all, are more real than chatting and saying that you are hornier than a dog.

This is how it works. One of the participants has a high technology dildo installed in his computer with tactile sensors. The other has an electric cover that wraps around the penis. This device is capable of stretching, contracting and squeezing with different pressures. When one touches, sucks onto, caresses or introduces the high technology dildo onto oneself, the other one sees it in its screen and its electrical cover contracts, moves and excites making the receptor feel something very similar to real sensations.

There is also an electrical high technology vagina that one can suck onto, lick and excite in various forms. These sensations are transmitted to a vibrator that would be introduced wherever one likes best. The teledildonics are for women and men and open a whole range of possibilities.

A new world for escorts

The arrival of teledildonics changes the panorama for couple’s remote relations and also for escorts, whores and sex workers. Escorts, those born fuckers, could widen their offer of services with a cybersex closer to human sensations.

One can surf the Web and discover that escort that drives you crazy but she’s in London. Too far away to have sex with her. If both have the teledildonics, problem solved.

The real audience for sexual cyber relations is whores and their clients. Whoever wants it doesn’t have to get out of the house or have a date with anyone. Just search who offers this service and buy the kit.

Who wants to try the cyberdildonics?

There are companies already that hire female escorts and male escorts with the objective of satisfying this demand. Sex with cyberdildonics is more personal. The client and the escort are seeing and listening to each other and they also share the dildo sensations.

It’s faster than going to a club and a shy client could feel safer with a distance between him and the escort. There are websites already in which the sex professional is available for whatever her interlocutors wish to request her. The client can send a tip to the escort, see how she sucks onto a dildo and feel it at the same time.

Remote sex vs. real sex

Many escorts prefer remote sex to real sex. Working hours can be more flexible and also to work without leaving their homes. Compared to walking the streets, going to a hotel room or staying at a club all night, remote sex is far more comfortable for them.

The risk of sexually transmitted diseases infection is nil and also the risk to their physical integrity. For the escorts and whores, the cyberdildonics are a total revolution. For the same reasons, teledildonics is equally safe for men.

What happens with porn?

So, we’ve seen who are the obvious winners of this futuristic sex. And who are the losers? Maybe the partners of those who enjoy porn. If before watching a video was enough to get horny and have a quick wank, now things have changed.

If we acquire the ciberdildonics, we have the possibility of going beyond a quick wank. To contact an escort who’ll play with the dildo and stick it up her vagina or anus is more tempting. Even more if we can feel those sensations on our own cock.

These fifteen minutes can turn into an addiction and makes us turn our back on the world of porn or even sleep with our partner if we dedicate ourselves to vanilla sex.

Pros and cons of cyberdildonics

In favor, we can recognize how easy they perform the duties of a female or male prostitute. Cero risks to health, cero risk of suffering aggressions or client’s tantrums. If things get ugly, one disconnects the session and it’s over.

As well, escorts can attend various clients at the same time and do what they ask for letting the others witness all, experiencing in their genitals what she does.

Against it, we must underlie that the electrical dildo or vagina, even though they are high technology, they can’t substitute real ones. Sex can’t be reduced to an electrical device nor just to the genitals. Sex goes a lot further than that.

Clients meet up with escorts for many motives. To see them, talk, have a drink, undress them and feel them with their whole body can’t compare itself to a high technology sexual device.

Even so, many men, particularly Japanese men, are very interested in this way of practicing sex. Last year, at the cybersex fair in Tokyo (Adult VR Fest 01), affluence was so overwhelming that the event had to be cancelled due to the high risk s for security.

Which means, cybersex has its audience but, sex with come and semen has nothing to worry about. As the majority will prefer real sensations. One just has to let the fad pass.

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