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Do you want to try forbidden sex at Perla Negra?
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Do you want to try forbidden sex at Perla Negra?

Tuesday 13 September 2016

The answer is yes. Don’t think it over it. We have been told to believe in two radically different ideas. On the one hand, vanilla sex and, on the other hand, porn. There are pleasurable midpoints as well; not too puritan, neither too hard. People look for sheer pleasure in a natural spontaneous way, without roles or acting. As enjoying is what it really matters -the more, the better-, dating a luxury escort is an unforgettable experience in a man’s life.

We are talking about forbidden sex because, to some men, marriage life is so bored. Wild passion of teenagers becomes a quieter passion as time goes by and, in the end, it gets even boring. Be careful! This works the same for women, however, they don’t go punting, so we are focusing on what men can find out when he gets lost between the legs of an escort at Perla Negra.

Provocative pictures, cat-like looks, voluptuous bodies, wet mouths and perfectly waxed bodies. What else would you need to fully enjoy a date? A wide guide of escort services offered by sluts and luxury escorts to their hot-blooded clients.

Sex party

Celebrating a sex party is one of the most demanded services to escorts. There are groups of several friends who want to celebrate a special occasion such as a bachelor party and give free rein to male sex instinct.

Why going out for drinks when it is possible to go for a drink and a fuck? At Perla Negra’s premises there’s a special room for it. Escorts perform a pole dance show and move their arses in front of their clients’ lascivious looks. If clients are close friends, then it is common that they have sex in front of the rest of attendants instead of going to a private room.

Many clients highlight the pleasure of attending a sex party and fucking nonstop in front of other men and women. One feels physical pleasure while can amuse the sightings. Taking part in an orgy or sex party is one of the biggest XXX adult pleasures.

Venezuelan escorts, Cuban escorts, teen university escorts, luxury sluts and all kind of sexy escorts ready to give their best.

This is a fantasy present in many men’s mind. Many hot-blooded escorts; many blocks fucking and being able to swap partners when you want. If you feel like experimenting a night of endless pleasure, a sex party is one of the best options you can enjoy at Perla Negra.

Services for couples

If passion for your couple is getting low but both partners have open and lustful minds, chose your favorite escort and ask for a service for couples.

Services for couples is a sex practice which makes the world a happier place to live. Couple bonds don’t break, on the contrary, they get stronger after a sin night at Perla Negra in the company of a gorgeous escort.

Service for couples is much more than a trio. Sometimes, clients look for an escort who pretends she is your wife, but what it actually rocks is, according to an Egyptian escort, “performing a service for a marriage who has fallen into a routine of boring sex and few pleasure for him and her. I’ve seen couples who were like that, but they were confident enough to date me  and got very satisfied after the experience, wanting to keep on exploring sex together.”

Would you like to watch how your wife hooks up a hottie at Perla Negra? It may happen you find out that your couple enjoys sex more than you thought; maybe you are a voyeur who gets turned on while watching his wife enjoying sex with a luxury slut. And what about being between both of them? And fucking your partner while an escort watches you and masturbates?

Services for couples have endless possibilities, if you aren’t able to picture them, ask your escort because she will be able to get the best evening you can imagine in her company.

Juicy blowjobs

Unfortunately, not all men have been able to enjoy a juicy blowjob. It may be because of religious sex repression, or because they haven’t been able to find someone who makes it properly.

Escorts are blowjob’s mistresses. According to some escorts, “blowjobs are the most demanded service. Most clients want to get a blowjob and vaginal sex. We offer many services, but men have simple likings, so we perform long pleasurable blowjobs for all of them.”

A teen escort speaks about her secret for oral practices: “I perform deep throat and my clients get really hot. Most of them tell me they’ve never tried it. To perform a deep throat, you have to put in your client’s penis to the back of your throat because it gets narrower there, so they feel much pleasure. Men don’t know what they are missing, they should all come and try it.”

Perverted hot fantasies

If you are tired of fucking and look for something different and want to fulfill your most hot and perverted fantasies, then dating an escort who performs BDSM or fetish services is the ideal option for you.

We have talked many times about BDSM and its different stages ranging from the lightest level to the hardest one; one has to be clear that it isn’t alike to a regular fuck. BDSM is all about codes, sexy clothing, tricks and psychology.

Costumes, dildos, performances, human mind hasn’t limits to imagine how to enjoy sex. Let your imagination fly and tell your escort your most hidden fantasies at Perla Negra. You only live once. 

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