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Thursday 21 July 2016

How to please a woman

There is a big question that have kept us intrigued during centuries: how to please a woman? We are sure that this question has been object of discussion in self wonderings and interesting conversations. Kissing, caressing, seducing, having romantic details, being skilled at erotic massages in Barcelona or giving a cunnilingus before getting into real action. Erotic massages in Barcelona are trendy and it is easy to look like a professional thanks to essential oils scent and couple of good tricks. There are many ways to please a woman, but don’t panic, we are going to specify them. Today on our beloved blog, we are going to approach the successful sex formula.

Erotic massages in Barcelona

First of all, you will only please a woman if she wants you to please her. Luxury escorts know well how successful we can be by knowing how to give good massages. Erotics massages in Barcelona are one of the most demanded services by clients. Some clients are curious about the keys to please women, so they ask escort girls about it.

A massage is a good start. It always help to release tensions and win confidence. Depending on how close your relationship is, massage can be more or less erotic. Touching your partner's genitals isn’t a good idea to start. Remember that women like seduction games. You’d better win their confidence before start touching them.

Does size matter?

Dear readers, many men waste their time in front of a mirror while they take pictures of their penis and measuring its size.

You should know that only 15% of women reach orgasm through fucking. Incredible. All your thinkings about your penis size and consistency aren’t more important than knowing how to warm up. In fact, performing an erotic massage on your hot girl’s body is more attractive to women than your penis to reach orgasm.

Remember that clitoris is very important. Erotic massages in Barcelona are able to make your sex partner feel very aroused, and she’ll feel even more aroused if you massage her using your lips and tongue.  If you pay special attention to clitoris, she probably will reach orgasm easily.

Long duration

It is believed that the longer time your fuck lasts, the more aroused your woman will feel. Porn show us tough guys who are able to fuck nonstop for one hour and a half. No, it isn’t so. Even half an hour of vaginal sex would be too much for her. After that time, penetration stops being pleasurable and starts to hurt. Eight minutes of vaginal penetration is the ideal time for it. If you stimulate your partner’s clitoris, then you can elongate that time. If you warm up with gentle erotic massages in Barcelona, everything will be ready to follow your seduction game. As we always say on our beloved blog, there are colours for every taste. There are women who have enough with eight minutes, and other women who think eight minutes is equivalent to the blink of an eye.

Premature ejaculation: do women think is bullshit?

The real bullshit isn’t premature ejaculation, but men who stop playing after cumming. That is the real bullshit. If men keep on having sex with their partner, she won’t mind he cummed before her.

However, it isn’t alike in brothels in BarcelonaLuxury sluts pay special attention to their clients needs, so most times they can’t go on fucking after their clients cum.

To escorts, it is good that clients end quickly, so they can get ready for their following date. During eortic massages in Barcelona at a brothel, clients relax and luxury escorts work.

Great lovers always ask

It is believed that great lovers don’t have to ask for their partner’s likings, but it isn’t so. A great lover observes and asks his partner what are her likings. Asking will not make you look like a sex analphabet. When she answers you, you’ll have all the keys to please her.

Touching a clitoris quickly and roughly: No

If you want to become a great lover to women, then don’t be a copycat of porn movies. Unfortunately, men often start like that, which isn’t a good way to start. Actually, women start warming by their mind, then follow with seduction, flirting and intimacy.

Once you have achieved the previous steps, women get aroused by kissing, hugging and laying naked on a bed. It takes around twenty minutes for women to warm up and get aroused. That is why erotic massages in Barcelona can be a big help when it comes to seducing a woman. Caress her clitoris softly and delicately, moving in circles, use your tongue to make her feel more excited. No hurrying, no porn copycats. You only have to pay attention to her likings and being aware that every woman is different.

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