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Escorts by Nationality: An endless list. Part I
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Escorts by Nationality: An endless list. Part I

Friday 09 May 2014
Human beings love making lists. Some of us do it to start the day and some to end it; sometimes they are about the housework, or people we need to call, or they are simply shopping lists. Lists are part of our lives and help organizing and keeping the order of things; they prevent us from collapsing. Instead of so much silliness and boredom, people should make lists about “The top sexiest nationalities in the world”, and with a clear goal, to put them into practice. La Vie en Rose and PerlaNegraBCN  give you the best choices to have sex in Barcelona.

To each his own they say, however there is a mainstream coincidence in some worldwide sensuality and attractiveness liking. It does not always concern ladies and gentlemen, being as many countries where ladies are much more beautiful than men. For instance Polish guys carry a heavy -sometimes funny shaped- head even though their blue eyes help not noticing this fact. In Holland is the opposite, the capital is full of handsome gentlemen, unlike the ladies who remind us of milch-cows.

10. Russian Escorts

They will probably beat you in bed and the bar. Usually tall, slim and shapely, with fair skin and blue eyes, these ladies have won the world's fame in beauty after the Iron Curtain fell and they came out from Mother Russia to the rest of the world.

These ladies, an example of perfect Slavic beauty, are not precisely “hot-spirited”, that does not mean they are not dirty enough in their jobs. They do everything the can to satisfy the client but always from their icy lands coldness. It looks like they have an impossible to win over spirit, no matter your effort in cumming on her faces or sticking your dick into their behinds. It is an experience you must write down to your things-to-do-in-life list. Make a things-to-do list with a 
Russian escort as well. Agree with her what you want to do, they don't really like improvisation or plan-changing as much as ladies from other countries. The sexual encounter with a Russian escort will take you to a new space, totally different of what you had experienced before.

9. Italian Escorts

The Italians “drive it” like nobody else can. They are jazzy temperamental ladies perfectly capable of taking the client's breath away in bed. We don't know if they intoxicate you either because their legendary sensuality, or because of their dressing style, or maybe their terrific sensual accent; the point is that an experience with an Italian escort with drop your jaw. Your mind will travel to the ancient Roman orgies where the juices and wine were lavishly running all over the villas marble floors. The Italian escort, much more “hot-spirited” than the Russian one, does not follow a physical pattern, you can find dark-haired, brunettes and blondes, with either light or dark eyes. The Italian beauty stands over other countries' beauties. It is really a turn-on to watch how enjoys a blowjob  a girl who comes from the “holiest” country in the world.

8. Venezuelan Escorts

¿What can we say about the Venezuelan escorts we don't know already? Latin beauties, curvy-shaped bodies, sensual lips and cinnamon coloured skins. Venezuelan escorts take care of their bodies, they have big boobs, broad hips, soft long hair and a very particular accent that will drive you crazy. Generally speaking, Latin ladies haven't suffered the religious tradition in the way some European and Muslim countries have, so sex is something bolder, hotter and more natural for them. On top of that, they tend to care for their sexual partner's satisfaction, they want to please the man in everything he asks for; they compete for being the best escort, amongst other things, to fuck like a lioness. To watch her in her fours, her back curve and the line from her waist to her hips, is one of the must-do things in life. They perform all the womanly wiles and sexual tactics you want to experience; her smooth voice whispering her sensual accent in your ear, her wise strokes in your trousers, everything will make you choose her. When you see the desire in her eyes you will feel like you have never been so wanted before. There will be a before and after once you have a sexual date with a Venezuelan escort.

7. Norse Escorts

Norse means Escorts coming from Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark. They are stunning beauties; these two words describe perfectly these ladies. If you fancy very tall, really gorgeous and polite escorts, possibly you might have a good experience with them. They can be good companions for dinner dates with other people or in a journey, since they come from well developed countries and speak many languages, as well as they stand out by their inherent poise. Norse ladies don't have the religious burden the Mediterranean Europeans have, that's why the man and the woman's pleasure is even, and they live sex openly, enjoying the man and making him to enjoy the woman until the last semen drop. Norse girls usually are very tall, around 5,57 to 6,06 feet, they have smooth long blond hair, ice blue eyes and perfect facial features. Probably to fuck this kind of lady it is one of the most perfect sexual experiences in our sexual history. Beware, because they are really kind, smart, they love drinking and having a good time, and for sure they will like to have more in a future.

If you've wanted to know more about 
escorts of other nationalities, do not miss the second part.

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