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An Escort as an escorting service
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An Escort as an escorting service

Thursday 14 September 2017

Escort is an English word that translates as companion. An escort can be also called an escorting lady. Anything to make clear, their services aren’t only sexual. And the truth is that an escort offers plenty more besides sex. If you are looking to enjoy the best female company, what you need is a date with an escort. Spaniards, Italians, French, Asian or Egyptian. Hey are all knockout women with sculptural bodies who are eager to meet gentlemen to accompany them on their dinners and long nights.

What’s an escort?

For many men there is still no clear distinction between an escort and the rest of sex workers. The main difference, could be said, lies in the fact that a sex worker sticks to the sexual services and an escort offers plenty more.

Usually, the escorts are ladies ready to face any situation. Education, discretion, elegance, languages, femininity, are some of the characteristics. Summing up, we could say the escorts are perfect companions for any situation.

If we must go to a dinner with some of our clients, and the partners are invited, we know in the company of an escort we are more than served. She’ll make us look good, they will praise her beauty and the best of all is that the door for her to also accompany us to our hotel is open.

The best companionship

Chatting with some clients at Perla Negra, we found out their opinion about escorts. “If what you want is a perfect night, the best thing you can do is meet an escort. They are girls who go well beyond the bed encounter. You can chat with them, go out for dinner, they can accompany you to a friend’s dinner if you want.”

Another client tells us about the first time he solicited the service of her company. “ I wanted something different, not just a sexual relation, and a friend recommended me to meet an escort. So I called the one that seemed more accomplished and, for sure, it was an incredible night. A gorgeous girl with an impressive body appeared. I invited her for dinner and we had a great time, talked about lots of things, we laughed, even had a drink at a disco and extended the night until we decide to go to my hotel. No doubt, when one is looking for quality, one must call an escort”.

Characteristics of an escort

Escorts are very accomplished girls, both physically and intellectually. On many occasions, they stand out from the rest. One of their greater advantages is that you can never say an escort is an escort. In other words, they don’t seem to accompany gentlemen places but they do.

They tend to have studies and speak languages. Escorts travel all over the world. Sometimes, their clients are in Dubai or Los Angeles. A man who likes a specific woman and has the money to bring her on a plane from any country doesn’t put a stop to his desires.

Therefore, dating an escort is spending hours with a very accomplished professional who’ll place you under a good light in front of whoever you need. Sometimes, they have travelled more than their own clients, don’t be impressed by this and let yourself go by her charms.

Sexual services of an escort

Sometime, the doubt on whether and escort does sexual services or not comes up for the client. Truth is that, in principle, the services of an escort don’t necessarily include sex. That, in general, comes up as the night progresses. Escorts prefer the man to court and conquer them before having a phone conversation where everything is established and reassured.

Throughout the date with her, he can test the waters while they have a bottle of Champagne and discover her thoughts about having sex with her.

What sets her apart from the rest?

There are many things that differentiate escorts from prostitutes or sex workers. As we mentioned before, on the one hand, they offer more beyond the bed encounter and, on the other, you can never say they work as escorts or anything similar.

Elegance dressing and in relation to manners is one of the characteristics that hook men. They wish to enjoy feminine company in private but also have a good time with them, relax, chat and laugh. When a client is looking for a complete service, sometimes goes well beyond that what we might think.

A very demanding job

An escort offers the best of herself on every date. Therefore, she takes care of herself physically and intellectually. Often, she escorts business men who need to talk about their jobs and be understood. An escort, in this regard, seems like a geisha. Her wide range of qualities is what makes them so special.

Sport and a healthy diet are two of their concerns. A sculptural body must be cultivated and although their personality is very important, the physical appearance has a primordial place among clients. Hours at the gym and sport activities, watching their health and lots of hours deciding about dresses, high heels, bags and perfumes.

Everything adds to give the best impression when meeting her client. He’s expecting the best from her and she knows very well how to give it to him.

For those looking for the best

In the end, the company of an escort is a different kind of companionship. An accomplished woman not only in relation to her body but also in regards to personality. It may happen that the client is only looking for a sexual relation but, even so, the escort will know how to enrich the hours with her with her personality and experience.

To date an escort is only for the most exquisite men. Those who want more than sex and the highest quality. An escort is the perfect companion to enjoy in every way.

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