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Monday 18 July 2016

How many escorts in Barcelona does a man need to be happy?

This is a question that many psychologists wonder. We are used to see people who haven’t had sex relations in years, suddenly meet a perfect partner and starts an idilic relationship full of good sex and positive feelings. Then, we wonder, do we need to travel around the world for years to find somebody good?

You probably think that having sex with your partner isn’t the same that fucking escorts in Barcelona, but how many escorts in Barcelona or partners do we need to feel fully pleased?

Clearly, many men would rather be accompanied by escorts in Barcelona than alone in their dark rooms. Right, but what’s the perfect number of escorts to meet?

That’s a tough question as its answer define us. Values and social status get exposed when you assure that you need to date escorts in Barcelona every day, on weekends, once a month, or from time to time.

Actually, sex is really important for young people on their twenties. Furthermore, your friends could even laugh at you if you aren’t able to get a sex partner. In this case, young boys safe money to go to a brothel or whorehouse in Barcelona, they release tensions that way and are happy to show off along with their friends. However, sex gets to a second stage as we get old and forget about our struggles for having sex fifty years ago.


Yes, we are copycats. Or mimetic, in other words. We follow trends, even if we don’t like them, because of social acceptance. The amount of escorts in Barcelona that a man need depends on his social context. We give much importance to what the other members of our community think about us. Our way to find if we are beautiful or ugly is to compare ourselves to our closest social context.

If your social context includes friends who are fan of luxury sluts, teen university escorts, Venezuelan escorts, and brothels in Barcelona, then we feel like it, too. We want to enjoy luxury escorts and sluts Barcelona as much as our friends.

Is having much sex healthy?

We think this question has more than one answer. We have always defended our rights to enjoy BDSM, fetishes, sex positions, fantasies, A-levels, deep throat and other practices between consenting adults. In that sense, escorts in Barcelona help society to experiment and get free. On this blog, we have written about sex’s benefits for health and about the possibilities of getting a STD (sexual transmitted disease).

Sex is highly beneficial, if we have it right. Some escort girls in Barcelona have told us that some of their clients have become close friends, why shouldn’t they meet often is they get along well and both enjoy their relationship?

Magic number

That number of escorts in Barcelona depends also on our culture. In some countries, fucking ten women who aren’t luxury escorts or escort girls is all of a challenge because sexuality is repressed and punished. However, it is weird to find Western men on their forties who have fucked only three women. Maybe, they aren’t successful with women, or think sex is a sin. Other men on their thirties boast about having fucked four hundred women.

According to psychologists, genetics is related to the number of escorts in Barcelona we need to feel fully satisfied. Extrovert people are more successful in flirting, in addition, being handsome or hot is a plus; short men are less successful than tall men, for instance.

There is a study which relates the length of our fingers to our sexual activity and to our searches on the Internet about escorts in Barcelona. The shorter your index finger is, the more intense will your searches be.

Sluts vs. tough guys

In our social context, women affirming they have sex with many men are labelled as “sluts”. This annoys us, but it is how our patriarchal society perceive it. Men affirming they have sex with friends and escorts in Barcelona are meant to be tough guys.

There’s a double standard to state an accurate number of sex partners we need to feel fully pleased. Women lie to avoid other people label them as sluts, men lie to look like a tough guy in front of their friends.

Who stated that a high number of escorts in Barcelona or sex partners makes us happier? According to Blanchflower and Oswald studies in 2004, the number of sex partners needed to reach happiness for 16,000 North American people is one.

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