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Escorts in Barcelona: Fetishes, fantasies and paraphilias
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Escorts in Barcelona: Fetishes, fantasies and paraphilias

Thursday 06 August 2015

Among the countless and assorted services of escorts in Barcelona you can find at Perla Negra, there are the hottest and best-performed ones in the city. Today, we are going to talk about the services they offer and especially about sexual fantasies. Those practices we don’t dare to perform with our couples, or we are just curious to try. Some of them may seem strange and others are pretty common and popular. We are sure that among all the practices performed by escorts, you will find something you haven’t tasted yet but are eager to practice. 

Tall escorts

Tall escorts are much requested companions in agencies. People who are one and seventy five meters tall may seem very interesting and elegant. If Latin escorts are well regarded because of their dark skin and huge breasts, Russian escorts and Ukrainian escorts are also renowned because of their height and fair skin. There are tastes for every taste; anyway, going punting is such an art and every escort deserves to get a passionate date of wild sex.  

Tall escorts that usually come over to Perla Negra  have told us that among their clients there are tall and short men. Many of them have a sexual fantasy of fucking with a woman who is taller than them; they think tall women are more feminine. Other clients who are tall have confessed that they prefer to be with women who are almost as tall as them, so they are fully and also visually satisfied. 

Spanish escorts

In paid-sex world, it is possible to fuck with many foreign escorts, but it is way more complicated to find a Spanish escort to enjoy a lusty date with. Spanish clients prefer to fuck with escorts from the same country as them if they are looking for better understanding and feeling when it comes to talking with them. 

The truth is that Spanish escorts are very demanded, no matter what their catalogues of sexual services include; the fact that they are Spanish is enough for many clients. In addition, Spanish escorts are expert in anal sex and deep throat, what will guarantee their success and will make their phones ring nonstop. 

Although they may seem the most approachable escorts, the truth is they are very demanded by foreigners: they usually are the stars of private parties and the most desired companions. Maybe the reasons for Spanish escorts to be on top of both foreign and national clients’ wish list are their beauty, passion, breathtaking bodies, or their mysterious looks.


Fetishes are sexual charm objects which many times become necessary to get excited and reach orgasm. Among the most renowned fetishes, we can find red high heels, fishnet tights, dirty underwear, ties, etc. Expert escorts in playing with fetishes usually use the mentioned items to excite their clients and make them reach the utmost orgasm. 


A fantasy is a practice which involves imagination and creating a story for purposes of sexual excitation and orgasmic end. Many escorts offer the fantasy game among their hot sexual services. Fantasies may include costumes, items, and the recreation of a story where the client and the escort are the main characters. Among the most common fantasies are the nurse-patient game, the two-strangers-in-one-elevator situation, the boss-employee story, and the typical Math teacher-bad student game. Although the fantasies we named are great in mind, turning them into reality with an escort in Barcelona would make them even more vibrant and pleasurable. 

One of the most requested fantasies to whores in Barcelona is titty job. Clients like seeing how beautiful escorts wank them, but they will love seeing how escorts wank them using their huge breasts instead of their hands. What do you think about it? Hot, isn’t it? At Perla Negra, you will find Latin escorts with huge breasts waiting for their clients to ask for pure fantasy. 


Lastly, paraphilias are different ways of sexual excitement that are out of the traditional imposed parameters, also known as vanilla sex. Paraphilias are those dirty practices which nobody dares to recognize they practice, or would like to practice, but many would die for making them true. 

Not all paraphilias are healthy; in fact, many of them are actual crimes. It is always necessary to agree some terms with your partner beforehand. Among the most common paraphilias, we will find BDSM and its light version, practiced by escorts in Barcelona. 

Golden shower is one of the most renowned paraphilias ever. It consists of peeing on your partner during a sexual encounter. Some of the escorts you can find at Perla Negra  play with this practice, but not all of them. Its technical name is urolagnia. People who enjoy this paraphilia need plenty of pee-stream running thorugh their skin to get excited and reach orgasm.  

Actually, any agreed sexual practice held by adults should be fine, and shouldn’t be labeled as paraphilia, no matter as strange as its name sounds. According to psychiatrists, paraphilia only exists in the cases where it is absolutely necessary to get excited and reach orgasm; otherwise, those strange practices only mean experimenting. The best escorts in Barcelona are usually at Perla Negra’s bar area having a drink to help you experimenting with sex. In addition, they expect to meet a client who knows how to treat them in all senses.

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