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Finding the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona
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Finding the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona

Tuesday 10 May 2016

Do you want to be up to the expectations of the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona?

If you are able to find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona, then you are a lucky guy. Sometimes, we don’t find what we need in life and sex. Men usually have a bad reputation; they say they don’t mind fucking any girl, even boys depending on how wasted they are. Is everybody able to perform a suck a man? Not, of course not. There are many men who don’t resign to Tinder sales; they want a real firecracker to give themselves a treat. Today on our beloved blog, we will talk about where to find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona, without having to lower their expectations.

Going punting

Going punting is pretty alike to flirting. Currently, face to face and the Internet are two of the most common options to find a one night sex partner or something more. Contact advertising on newspapers such as “mature man is looking for a female companion to be friends or whatever else it leads to” is getting less used, fortunately.

At clubs and some websites you can find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona. There are brothels like Perla Negra where clients who wish to pay in exchange for sex can take a look to the most attractive prostitutes in town, invite them to have a drink with you and chat about the snowballing or black kiss services you would like to practice with them. Everything seems natural at a bar, but the best part of it is that you can check for yourself if you chose your escort right. We all know what are the consequences of flirting at a disco dance floor: little light, much alcohol and arousement can turn the quality of your election down.

Taking advantage of short distances

To get a successful sex date which is up to the expectations of clients, we recommend to have a drink at Perla Negra’s bar area, look at all the escorts and choose the most stunning one; you should take advantage of this short distance, as there are no screen between you, only reality. When you have chosen the escort you like the most, take her to the next stage fast; you can be sure you are not the only one trying to get a sex date. At Perla Negra’s bar area you can find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona, so it isn’t necessary for you to waste your time in front of a computer trying to compare measures to your likings, etc.


The other most common option to get a date is the Internet. If you are looking for a sex date, of course you can find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona advertised on the Internet. Beware of pictures, many of them are tampered. A wasp waist and a big ass are contradictory, so beware of those profiles.

You can find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona at Perla Negra’s website. The videos on our website are real “sex-documentaries” about the hottest girls in the city. Videos will always be more real than pictures, so take a look to the videos of Perla Negra’s website and get lost in videos of escort girls which will make you feel really aroused.

First date

Thanks to the opinion of some escorts in Barcelona, we have found which are the secrets to meet them and get along well with them since your first date. One of them told us that she loves to be asked about her likings: “I prefer my clients ask me before they buy me something I don’t like or I won’t use. I don’t ask my clients for a gift, but many of them love to bring me some perfume, or a sexy lingerie outfit, both gifts are really personal, that’s why it is easy to make a mistake.”

Another escort has commented that finding the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona involves being up to their expectations and be punctual. “Some clients are really respectful within the agreed time. However, others believe that they are the only clients on my agenda. I like they call me to tell me they are ten minutes late, and I also like they don’t take long to leave after cumming. Sometimes, they try to drag their feet and that makes me get nervous; I must get ready for the next drink, I can’t waste my time.”

A quick lesson about slutty sexuality

You can find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona on the Internet and read about their personal profiles, rates and services. It is good to have your mind clear when you call one of them. By that moment, you should know what you want to get form her, how much time will your date last for and how much money you are ready to pay. To many escorts, it feels uncomfortable to teach you a quick lesson about slutty sexuality. If you don’t know what a service is about, then google it and find it to make a good impression.

Once you have proved you are able to find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona, you are ready to prove you are different from the rest of clients. What do escorts value the most? Thinking it carefully, it is logical that sluts’ most valuable features are hygiene and cleaningness, so punctuality, clearness and cleaningness are the keys to get a great date. 

Here, you can find the best escorts and sluts in Barcelona 

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