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Fokkens twins
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Fokkens twins: 100 years in the whoring business

Wednesday 23 July 2014
The veteran twin prostitutes of Amsterdam's Red Light District are magazines' front page and TV shows' guests every now and again. Recently in July, we have posted an article about Gwyneth Montenegro, the Australian luxury escort who confessed to have slept with 10,091 men since she published her book; the 72 year-old Dutch twin whores have admitted they have met more than 355,000 gentlemen, embarrassing Montenegro's statement, well, mentioning an absolutely ridiculous figure comparing to the Netherlands' sex machines'.

Martine and Louise Fokkens have been in the whoring business their entire life, and that is why they are so famous, powerful business ladies and characters everybody want to meet. As the vast majority of whores, luxury escorts, independent escorts or 
senior escorts, before becoming one of them, they dreamt of working in a more creative or artistic job; however, life odds pushed them into the Red Light District as sex workers at the beginning, and later on as sex for money business ladies.

100 years as whores

Martine and Louise add together one hundred years of prostitution, certainly a long time. When Martine was in her twenties, she began to sell her charms forced by a husband who bate her, and threatened her he would abandon her if she did not bring more money home. Fear and lack of support did the rest. Soon her sister sailed in the same boat also running away from poverty but with an apparently less tyrannic husband. So their lives' adventure started, full of sex, semen, lubricant, blowjobs, condoms, fast -but not easy- money, cocks and assholes.

355,000 clients

This smashing figure beats the escort Gwyneth Montenegro's statement about her apparently ridiculous figure of 10,091 clients.

355,000 clients in fifty years are almost around one thousand men per year between the two ladies; this means they have had sex at least once every single day of their lives. They say they “had fun” and they “feel young”.

You bet it, this frantic sexual activity definitely beats the supposed gentlemen's lovers fame; there is no doubt ladies have the power in between their legs and guys only empty talk.

It is more complicated to estimate the amount of money the twins have earned, but facts speak for themselves; they opened one of the most famous brothels in Amsterdam's Red Light District named The Little Red, where adaptable escorts, very tall escorts, blonde escorts or else used to work there.

Retiring at 69

Fokkens twins regret to have retired from the whoring business, because this lifestyle made them feel decades younger. Martine also confesses she retired from the business because she lately had only a client -more or less her same age- who punched out every week for his BDSM session, and this was making feel her like “going to Sunday's mass”.

At their age, they have overcome the family and social acceptance line. Their parents were reluctant to accept the lifestyle the twins had been pushed into, but later on the twins said they had to do something to escape poverty. Their children acceptance was as hard, because both ladies are mothers, grandmothers and even great grandmothers. At the beginning, their offspring learned by others, and after accepting and putting up with the real circumstances, they understood their mothers' choice and supported them in all their decisions and odds.

The twins point of view about the prostitution in the Red Light District

The twins, who have always dressed in red, speak up about the changes in the Amsterdam's Red Light District. Apparently it was better in the old days. The Fokkens say whores used to be completely dressed when showing off in the windows, “nowadays, they show off entirely naked”, and “golden days of prostitution in the Netherlands were before the legalization, after that, Eastern European girls came over massively brought by prostitution mobs, then the solidarity and community feeling was lost” amongst the escorts and whores and “Dutch prostitutes nearly vanished”.

Besides, prostitution legalization reduced the whores' earnings, since they began to earn less after paying off the fees to the taxmen.

Their legacy

The Fokkens twins legacy includes two books and a documentary about their lives called Meet the Fokkens, released in 2013. This documentary describes their adventures, a mixture of abuse, bullying, GBV, and best and worst clients.

Their children, grandchildren and great grandchildren will take part in the acceptance towards people who choose to work as prostitutes, and also the acknowledgement of many keys to understand prostitution legalization and the impact it has had to the escorts and whores, like in the Netherlands girls' case for lack of enough determination.

Today, they owe a touristic shop in Amsterdam, where they sell their paintings and typical Netherlands' souvenirs. What really satisfies the ladies is the amount of people who want to meet, take a picture and talk to them. Certainly these ladies have had really intense lives, and now, at the end of their careers, literally speaking, they expect to live out of their savings coming from the book sales, their documentary success and their shop business, a place crowded with thousands of ladies and gentlemen interested more in the twins as individuals, rather than in their boobs or assholes; people interested in the twins as time wanderers, as a source of knowledge of the human being and the systems we create. It could be much more interesting to publish their thoughts and wisdom from this point of view, since not many people have intimated with 355,000 gentlemen and their deepest miseries, fears, we-don't-know-what cravings through sex for money business encounters. 
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