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Have you seen our rooms? - Blog PerlaNegraBCN

Wednesday 05 June 2013
 This week on the blog of La Perla Negra we  invite you to stop by our photo of the facilities. We know that many of you have been here, but certainly do not know all the rooms. We have rooms to suit all tastes and prepared for everything, so if you want to request a specific room, we suggest you to do well in advance to avoid problems. Rooms with bath tub, where they can get two very spacious showers that ye accompanied, and they fit even more than three people! Our beds are very comfortable, the facilities are modern and have been renovated last year. All facilities undergo a rigorous cleaning, thanks to that we got the ISO9001, being pioneers in our industry get. For those who do not know who to come, remind you that we have a section for escorts to suggest, this is because they tend to use our facilities. All of them have their phone and email on your tab to contact them. It is important to note that we suggest are escorts educated women company and should be treated as such, not as whores.
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