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John Cusack: “Hollywood is a whorehouse”

Tuesday 30 September 2014
John Cusack, the elegant and famous American actor, has spoken out clearly in an interview for the English newspaper The Guardian, pointing that “Hollywood is a whorehouse, a place where people go mad”.

The subject came out when Maps to the Stars (2014), the last Cronenberg movie he was starring, was released; this movie shows to the public how the American film industry takes advantage of young actresses' ambitions and amateurism, since these girls would become whores for those who promise them worldwide success and big sums of money.

In this interview, Cusack strips off Hollywood's core. “Age is the price to pay, I am 48 and I still have fifteen or twenty years left until I become and oldie to their eyes, but ladies are the real losers; when they turn 29, people call them menopausal women and send them packing, to replace them for 22 year-old girls; sometimes it looks like child abuse prostitution, it is madness”.

Actually, the link between whores and Hollywood is common knowledge. Tinseltown's actresses list, who have been accused of being prostitutes before being film stars, is very long. The released film Maps to the Stars confirms of the old gossip.

From whore to famous actress?

The accusation of being 
whores, luxury escorts, uni girls whores, very young whores, or any other denomination, could be a macho fact that also moves them over their careers before they become thirty, only because they are too old, and this is what people say.

The actresses have to walk a long way to catch the male actors standards, and people say women get half the money their male colleagues get, simply because they have boobs; although the USA are the world's economic leading country, there is not much difference with Afghanistan in gender equality matters.

There is no evidence of a Hollywood male actors' list, who reached the stardom thanks to a previous career in prostitution, but there is evidence of a female actresses' list. Let's check up who are these successful starlets, that got to California's film industry because of their kick-off as whores.

 Marilyn Monroe: It is common knowledge she was offering whoring services to directors and producers for a living, she could earn up to 500$ a day. She also worked in the porn industry, as well as Joan Crawford.

 Kim Novak: It is said she got arrested in Chicago for hanging around in the streets hooking clients during the sixties.

 Veronica Lake: Prostitute in New York during the fifties, becoming a film star later on.

Sofia Loren: It looks like her famous past as a young whore is a fact, her nickname was “The Lovely”.

 Raquel Welch: She was well-known in Tijuana, Mexico. Besides being a whore, she starred many porn films that were bought and destroyed when she became famous.

Joan Collins
: The famous king Fahd of Saudi Arabia demanded her company to become his madame for 400 million dollars. Three decades earlier, she nearly was sold to the Arab king by her third husband at the time. Collins was always tangled in luxury prostitution nets throughout the high-standing whore agency Heidi Fliess, an organization that bore many Hollywood starlets.

 Nancy Reagan: She did not become a film star, but she became the First Lady of the US, the wife of the actor and president Ronald Reagan. She had to quit her career as a luxury whore, but she took up the recruitment of the best ones job for the studios.

 Sharon Stone: She was one of the best paid luxury whores, she did not get less than 1000$ per hour. The actor Michael Douglas came upon her, and both were filmed in the Basic instinct (1992) real scene where she was tied up; when the crew finished filming it, Douglas asked along the director and one of the producers to keep going on with her while tied up. Later on, Stone claimed, this was the best sex of her life, experiencing six orgasms the same day plus earning ten thousand dollars for the little job.

 Michelle Pfeiffer: She was a far more exquisite luxury whore than other ladies, she only performed the GFE (girlfriend experience) with only a few, or even only one client.

 Julia Roberts: A meteoric rise by a whore.

Geena Davis: It is said she was a whore, but there is no more detailed information.

 Rene Russo: She was a luxury escort, a Pierce Brosnan's companion behind the scenes. They starred real sex filmed scenes, besides Brosnan invited up to eight more men to keep gang banging her. For the session she got 75 hundred dollars.

Catherine Zeta Jones: Michael Douglas strikes back. A luxury escort and an actor who always meets the girls in the same way.

 Salma Hayek: People say she was a very well paid escort when she met her partner.

 Irene Cara: The über famous singer from the Flashdance (1984) soundtrack was come across when she was street hooking.

Fame and prostitution look like something deeply tied. Many of the most famous producers' wives were call-girls to homes or call-girls to hotels before; nonetheless, these men do get married to these ladies, because people say that they are heavy drunkards who only can have sex with paid women, like Aaron Spelling.

Many girls who started their careers as student prostitutes, catwalk model whores, pornstars whores or very young whores jobs, were in the right place, and were ambitious enough to meet the most important Hollywood actors and producers.

So John Cusack speaks out clearly, to become actresses, these girls' talent is not important, but their age and bodies, ergo a more discreet kind of prostitution, ergo prostitution everywhere.
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