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How to choose the best escort in Barcelona?
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How to choose the best escort in Barcelona?

Monday 24 October 2016

Internet offers us endless sex. In addition, mobile apps ease our search. We don’t need to be in front of our PC to find a hot plan. We can take a quick discreet look to our mobile phone while we are waiting on a zebra crossing and get lost in one of the thousands profiles advertising an escort in Barcelona. How we do to choose the escort who will better meet our expectations?

Don’t get distracted

Before searching, it is good to have a clear idea about who we want to fuck that day. A man? A woman? A trans? It may happen that we want to be with one or two of the mentioned; or that we like a Brazilian escort in Barcelona; maybe an expert in fetishes? Age is also an important aspect, do we want to date a teen escort or a mature escort? Do we want an outcall service to our hotel? Do we want she is skilled in blowjobs, or would we rather perform A-levels (Greek anal sex)? There are many things to choose.

We have asked some regular clients of Perla Negra how they decide for a profile among all the existing on the Internet. It is clear to them, we shouldn’t get distracted. “It is easy that we like an escort, but then we keep looking and then appears another one we like more. You can keep doing it for a long while. That is not the best way to spend your time, but the best way to date a stunning callgirl in Barcelona.”

The first key is to know what we are looking for. What we want to experience. That’s the halfway of everything we have to think about.

It isn’t a local market

Dating an escort in Barcelona isn’t alike to going to the market on Saturdays. Don’t try to negotiate the price, nor rates. Don’t ask for a discount, and don’t try any trick to get a cheaper fuck.  

Although this is an economic transaction, it is possible to see some clients and escorts having feeling and connecting. If this happens, your date will be successful, but this isn’t ensured. That’s how magic in relationships works, it may happen or not. It isn’t ensured.

Clearly, if your expectations aren’t high, the lack of chemistry in bed won’t let you down.

As simple as reading

We have surfed the Internet in the seek of an attractive escort profile in Barcelona. There are many of them, that’s why we usually don’t pay attention to what they tell us. Many girls devote long time to improve their online profiles. They describe their personality, likings, and pictures do also tell us something about what the prostitute offer to their clients.

If we still aren’t clear about our escort’s sexual personality, we can always ask her. But, we should always read attentively her profile, which has been written in order to clear your doubts and clarify us which kind of escort in Barcelona she is.

A picture isn’t enough

It is right to look at their pictures attentively one by one. In addition to picture their body, the size of their tits and  in our mind, we will also be able to check they belong to the same escort in Barcelona, so it isn’t a fake profile made of several pictures of similar people.

There are gorgeous escorts in Barcelona who advertise on the Internet, but there are also ugly sluts who create fake profiles with pictures of pretty girls. Beware of scamming on the Internet. That is why we have to watch the pictures, not only to get horny, but also to avoid scams.

Your timing and the timing of escorts in Barcelona

An aspect we usually forget, is that callgirls have a life out of their work as a slut. If their working hours don’t adjust to you, you should better change your choice. It is rare that they sacrifice their private life to keep on working. It’s like offering an office manager to work a Saturday night. Surely, both will decline the offer.

Some escorts only work during the afternoon, others only during weekends, each one has different working hours. To get a relaxing date, you’d better be sure that your timing and your escort in Barcelona coincide.

Breaking the ice

If you talk with an escort on the phone, she will surely let you find out some traits of her personality. In other words, talking on the phone with her eases breaking the ice.

During that phone call, avoid making personal questions or typical questions like what are you wearing. The most probable is that she thinks you want a hot-line to wank at home, not an escort.

Keep in mind that there are escorts in Barcelona who go straight to the point, so they won’t bother dating you, if they don’t see an account number and a payment. If you need that phone call to approach her and clear your doubts, but she doesn’t feel like it, you can look for another girl. Remember, there are thousands of them.

To sum up, you have to be clear about what you are looking for and don’t be fooled by a pair of boobs, a seductive voice and a sex goddess’s pictures.  

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