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How does heat affect sexual desire?
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How does heat affect sexual desire?

Tuesday 01 August 2017

According to a study in the United States, people are readier to perform the sexual act at the beginning of the summer, in December and January. Google is aware of everything and, thanks to it and its super engine search, we know at what times of the year the population is hornier, as well as its taste and most intimate thoughts. Do you feel part of this study? Is sex practiced more comfortably in the winter under the duvet or in the summer in front of the fan?

Four years following the clue

It’s amazing how intrigued these investigators feel regarding the horniest moment of the year for Americans. Four years focused on its search on internet to conclude that they are as horny in the winter as in the summer. Can we extrapolate it to the rest of humanity the same way it was done with the MacFlurry?

June, July, December and January are the peeks of the year in which the search for encounter’s pages, prostitutes and pornography are shown more clearly. The curious things is that all three of them where search for on the same period. Is it possible to look for a partner, prostitutes and pornography indistinctly? Whatever comes will be received joyfully!

How to interpret that every year on those same months, people’s interest for sex increases? One of the answers could be that, they are the moments in the year in which we are more surrounded by people. Both in the summer and at Christmas (which is longer and longer each year), are periods in which we are on the streets, our social life increases and, therefore, we are more tempted to connect sexually with those at hand. If this doesn’t happen, we throw our fishing rod onto the internet. And mister Google is there to register our needs.

Another way of knowing the hottest moments of the 12 months for humans is the birth rate. It again coincides with the month of December as the favorite for procreation with or without intention. At the same time we procreate, we also call prostitutes and see porn. In the end, it’s the most sexually active period of all.

The more people, the more catch

The conclusion of the investigators, if we are isolated our sexual desire will decrease and our interest and energy will focus on other things. But if we are surrounded by people, go to filled up shopping centers, dinners and business lunches, disco nights and days of beaches and terraces socializing, what happens is that our desire shoots up.

The sun’s power

In general, when summer arrives people are more active and ready to interact. Day and night plans come up one after the other and in almost all of them there is someone we like. The light and the heat of the sun make us feel good. It’s only the effect of the endorphins produced by the rays of the great star. It’s a natural reaction, there are no secrets to it. Our happiness hormones act and, consequently, humans want to celebrate it.

We add to this the parade of cleavages and miniskirts on the streets. Men’s muscles showing off at the beach and tanned skin. Everything indicates the atmosphere is heating up. In the summer, many will choose a faraway place for their holidays, where nobody knows them. It’s the perfect place to practice sex freely. In the water, surprising someone who can see us, or in the giant hotel bed or in the middle of nature high in the mountain.

Female liberation

Many women wouldn’t dare to behave in a certain manner in their villages and cities. That’s why, they buy themselves a ticket and go off to experiment everything their surrounding censors them. Summer is the time of sexual adventures, in which we know the name and little more about our bed partner.

Sixty nine, Greek, blowjob, titfuck, doggy style or the clown’s kiss, present themselves as the perfect new experiences to break away from the horrible vanilla sex tradition. By the time we return from our holidays nobody will know what happened. Only her and the lovers with whom she shared nights of passion under the stars.

Various break ups

Interestingly, summer and the heat are also synonyms of arguments and divorces. During the rest of the year, couples are separated, each at their work place and the kids at school. When summer arrives, they spend longer with each other. Some feel good about it but others not so much.

The hot flushes , traffic jams, heat waves and cues for everything, together with the parade of beautiful women and attractive men with skimpy clothes on the beach make some sort tempered. And by the end of the summer, they file for divorce.

Warm winter

For others and following the clue of the study we mentioned at the beginning of this post, winter is the ideal period of the year for sex. We don’t show off on the street but it sure feels good to take the layers off as one arrives to a warm room. The home warmth, the movie on the sofa, the intimate dinner with a bottle of wine and being naked under the blankets without boiling are very tempting factors.

In the winter we forget about the sweats, the air con and the fan. More demanding postures can be practiced because there aren’t 40 degrees outside and one doesn’t fear a heatstroke. It’s nicer to share that intimacy with someone that isn’t sweating profusely and we can go on for as long as we want. Which is why, it’s the favorite period to flow in the arms of our companion.

Even so, make the best of the summer, now that we are fully immersed in it and its temperatures. After a few month of relaxation, December will arrive with its full strength and you must be in shape for it.

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