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We interview Dina, a 24-year-old Egyptian escort from PerlaNegraBCN

We interview Dina, a 24-year-old Egyptian escort from PerlaNegraBCN

Thursday 10 October 2013

Ancient Egyptians were an amazing civilization. It is known that the beauty of Egyptian women is legendary; a great example of it is Cleopatra’s legend. We can confirm such data just by looking at Dina’s pictures… if Ramses was here to see her, he would probably faint! Today, we are going to introduce you to Dina, a 24-year-old Egyptian escort who has 90-60-90 “pharaonic” measures.

How do you schedule your agenda?

Well, I start at weekend; that always means an increase in activity. I have two dates tomorrow; one of them at Perla Negra BCN and the other one on the street, at a pub. I will meet my first client in a room.

He has asked for discretion, so I can’t give you more details. The second client is a regular. I see him around once a month. He likes having a couple of drinks with me and then coming over to Perla Negra BCN.

Why do you think he repeats with you?

I’m not aggressive; I only hit people if I’m asked for it (she laughs). That’s why he repeats with me: he likes the way I hit him.

Can you describe us a date with that client?

Since my first service, he asked to see me at a pub. I was waiting nearby the bar of the pub when he arrived. We recognized each other very fast; it’s some kind of special connection between master and slave. Our game started since the very first moment we met. We asked for cocktails and chatted a little bit. Then, we came to the room we had booked.

I undressed; I had few leather clothes on.  I handcuffed him, bit him, hit him a little bit, and he asked for more. So, I performed hard oral sex on him, used several dildos, and then realized I had earned a client for many years on. I wasn’t wrong! (She laughs).

Why do some men like to be hit and harmed?

I think that people who like it have experienced so many sexual things already that they are looking for more. Going along the edge of what is normal and what goes beyond, is a bit of a challenge because it depends on where you want to reach. Many clients like going beyond all limits.

Do you like the master role?

Yes, of course. I couldn’t fake it. I think it is easy to be a master, because roles totally change. Usually, clients ask for what they want and you fulfill their desires; that’s it. However, in sadomasochism everything changes, the situation leads you to be the one showing the steps to follow, and the client to be the one obeying you.

I always keep in mind giving him physical pleasure, I never forget sucking his dick, and putting it in because that's what they ultimately want. Of course, there are exceptions, but they are one case in a million clients.

Are there many clients who ask for strange things?

To be honest, I’ve been asked for everything. Sometimes, I have been asked to dress up, to hit them, to do golden shower on them, or to handcuff them. However, all of that is a matter of sex, and we always come to do the same. Most clients don’t ask for strange things, just for meeting me in a room, or at a pub, undressing me, and having oral, vaginal, or anal sex.

What do you think about your job at Perla Negra Barcelona?

It’s nice, I’m happy with my job here. I have never had health, security, or whatever problems. They obey rules and standards strictly. We always use condom, girls very often get blood tests, and clients can voluntarily get health tests, too. Room cleaning is also very important, and it is highly regarded by the men who come here.

Do you have friends among your clients?

Yes, I have some. They initially come for sex, but some of them start talking about their life: they tell you how their day was, if they had success, if they argued with their wives, if they are divorcing, or worried about their jobs. I listen to them and give my opinion if I am asked for it.

Sometimes, chatting after having sex leads to friendship. I like that kind of relationship, anyway I don’t mind that the client doesn't speak to me; I work equally happy.

Do you think that prostitution is a business that will always be there?

Yes, I’m absolutely convinced of it. Men can be married, have girlfriends, or even several lovers; it doesn’t matter, they will always enjoy the services of a prostitute. Prostitution is successful because there’s no need to talk, or seduce me. Meeting me and paying is enough for them to get what they want.

I’ll make you have a great time, I’m a professional of sex, and I do things that other women don’t do, at least on a first date. Not to mention anal sex, golden shower, BDSM, and stuff like that. I think that’s the power of prostitution: that we do things that the other women don’t do on a first date, or never do. Clients pay and enjoy themselves; we do what they ask for, and they leave satisfied. That’s priceless! (She laughs).

What are the differences in bed between you and a woman who is not a prostitute?

Maybe that non-prostitute woman needs to go to a place where nobody knows her, and to drink a lot to sleep with a man and give free rein to her fantasies and curiosities. But, if that woman is in her own city, she may control her instincts because she is afraid to be recognized. When she sleeps with a man in her own city, she will probably take over control.

That's the difference; that’s why I get paid. I’ll do what you ask for and much more without any compromise. I guarantee hygiene and great sex in an excellent place. Then, if you like it, you can come back and repeat, but it’s not mandatory. However, I see most of my clients on a regular basis: every two or three months. 

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