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International sex: pleasure for our senses
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International sex: pleasure for our senses

Friday 14 October 2016

Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Ethiopian, Spanish, Thai, Cuban, or Moroccan; they are easy to find in most cities. Exotic, our favorites for our spare time, they are on our memory, and we turn to them when we want to experience a nice evening. We check what they offer us, make a booking and enjoy. No, we aren’t talking about restaurants. We are talking about the best international sex in Barcelona. Seduction queens and the best escorts in the world.

International sex menu

Human beings are creative, well some of them are more creative than others. In sex world, we have invented names for every practice, maybe because of repression or because of marketing.

That enables the client ask for services that can be embarrassing to explain. See dirty Sánchez. This practice consist of putting your dick or a dildo in an ass, stain it with shit on purpose, and then rub it against the upper lip as it was a Mexican moustache.

Among the international sex services in Spanish, we can find many references to nationalities like: “Cuban” (titfuck), “French” (blowjob), or deep “Greek” (A-levels). In addition, clients usually want to be sex tourists without going out of the city. The same than people who travel for pleasure or business, they also want to taste the escorts over there.

That is why men talk about the sex menu in the city. Where to find the best sluts and who we think they are sex goddesses. Or at least your goddesses for a night.

Brazilians, sex stereotyped queens

Brazilian escorts enjoy sex, take advantage of it and  turn it into reality. Sex bomb stereotype is for Brazilian escorts. Gorgeous mulatto girls, round hips, sweet lips and cheerful spirit.

Actually, we don’t care about it. International sex is thought to enjoy fucking many sluts without having to take a plane for it. Same that good restaurants. They are secret pleasures.

Brazilian sluts are the most requested when it comes to arranging a sex party. In the past, we made toasts with orange juice in bachelor and birthday parties, but now we don’t accept less than a bunch of Brazilian escorts to have international sex.

We have asked our clients about their dates with Brazilian escorts and they have confirmed their reputation. “We don’t have enough words to describe how good they are. They are stunning escorts with voluptuous butts and tits and able to drive us crazy. You want to fuck them nonstop since the first moment you see them. In addition, they are really skilled in sex. They enjoy and you can notice it. When we want to celebrate something, we always ask some Brazilian sluts to be present.”

Skilled fuckers and ice queens

We have also asked our clients about their opinion on Russian escorts, Ukrainian escorts and Eastern European escorts, in general. “They are very beautiful escorts, maybe the prettiest ones. They are blonde and have blue eyes, traits that make us men feel very horny. They are tall, have nice butts and tits and are perfect to escort you to a dinner with more people and pretend they are friends with you.

Russian and Ukrainian escorts have a reputation in international sex. When you get in a room with them, they are as sluty as the rest of escorts, but they can also beat you in drinking and coming.

If you feel like trying the very best of international sex, then you should fuck a real stunning slut. Don’t hesitate to spend an evening with one of these hot, nice, pretty, Slav escorts. Taste the Russian menu they have between their legs and decide going for it or choosing a further menu, maybe the best option for you are Asian escorts.

Asian sluts

Chinese sluts, Japanese escorts and luxury Thai girl companions are some different kinds of escorts to keep on completing our abstract about international sex.

Asians are totally different from South Americans and Slavs. Regular clients of Perla Negra have explained us their experiences with Japanese escorts. “They are shyer than other escorts, but you can enjoy their company to the fullest, if you know how to treat them. If you like petite well-proportioned escorts who are overall compliant in bed, then you are looking for an Asian escort.”

Fair skin, exotic eyes; these Japanese escorts, who are hot-blooded as hell, are as trendy as makis.

Fucking a geisha

It doesn’t sound weird because geishas are the most complete prostitutes nowadays. They are skilled in writing, singing and music. They are learned in general culture and also in varied specific subjects.

Men, jealous guards of their favorite girls, have tried to protect geishas from tourists by forbidding them to enter whorehouses and brothels.

If you don’t want to miss Japanese escorts, then take a look among the possibilities of international sex in Barcelona and you’ll surely get a special date and save an unexpected taekwondo lesson.

Spanish escorts

Some clients of Perla Negra have their mind clear. They enjoy international sex, but all their thoughts are for the most special escorts. “I like trying sluts from other countries, but I call Spanish escorts when I want a wild ride.”

Like the Spanish song says, “when Spanish women kiss, they make it for real”. Other escorts maybe jealous of this, but Spanish escorts’ reputation is worldwide renowned, too. You may be looking for international sex in Barcelona and end your search with a brunette beauty who has expressive eyes and is a real slut in bed. Then, your best option is a Spanish girl.  

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