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Interview with Agata, a high class escort from Barcelona

Interview with Agata

Tuesday 15 April 2014
Spring is here; do you actually feel the change of season in the Perla Negra BCN?

It is too early to say, because it has started a few days ago, but if it is as it has been the last two years, we’ll notice more customers coming not only on weekends but also on weekdays. It seems that with the warmth men want to go out for dinner or a drink and a date, they don’t want to finish work and go home, normal, isn’t it? I think you have to earn money to enjoy it.

Do you think that your costumers have recovered and have the chance to spend more money than some time ago?

Well, the sex industry is one that suffers less than others, especially escorts because customers tend to be men with money and they don’t give up their monthly date with a girl. Perhaps other luxuries are removed but not this one. A great fuck, a great blow job, is what they stick with.

What kind of client usually arranges an appointment with you when holidays and less work?

An executive man is always working and always wants sex because he is much stressed and, as I said before, he doesn’t give up his luxuries such as a dinner, drinks and a beautiful escort to make him a great blowjob and others. On the other hand, there is the tourist, who left the family for a while and has been for a drink at the brothel Perla Negra BCN’s bar. But it doesn’t matter if it is an executive or a tourist, because they both want the same (laughs).

Is there any difference between being with an executive and a tourist?

Well… fucking is fucking, and in our industry it is clear what is coming. It doesn’t depend on the job but has the personality they have. You can find a much stressed tourist because he wants to leave his family for a while and feel free, or you can find a very relaxed executive because he has closed a business and has achieved what he wanted.

What other jobs have your customers?

To all, everyone comes here, even students who finally manage to save money to meet an escort.

And women?

It is not very common, of course, but I've had a woman client.

But for a woman is very easy to have sex, what would be the reason to come to an escort?

Yes, for a woman it is very easy but Barcelona is an international city, here there are a lot of people in passing. I don’t really know what her job was, but it was related with art, she was in town for a short time, she was very attractive, in her forties, and she was very well dressed. We meet in a luxurious room in Perla Negra BCN , I had the impression she didn’t want to be in the bar with other people. When she arrived I was lying on the bed wearing black lingerie, super sexy. She had asked for it. She was very polite; she talked for a while and opened a bottle of champagne. She asked me to slowly and sensually undress her, to caress and kiss her skin. I haven’t done it with many women, but I liked very much that one, because she was very pretty and interesting. I unbuttoned her shirt and I started to suck her nipples, she loved it, she tangled her fingers in my hair and squeezed. My hands caressed her body, her ass, her legs; I turned her and I licked her back my tongue while my hands squeezed her breasts. I introduced one hand below her skirt and I touched her pussy, it was wet, I suddenly had a mad desire to suck it, so I asked her to lie down in bed because I wanted her to come in my mouth. There between the sheets I took all her clothes off, she was perfectly shaved , I saw a flowing liquid between her legs , I started to suck her clitoris, I also caressed it with my nipples , I saw that she liked everything but I was also really enjoying . My tongue played with her ​​clit, her lips, her inner thighs, it didn’t take long to cum a few times. She asked me to put my fingers inside her pussy, so I got one and then another and another. I saw that the woman was super horny so we finally did a fist fucking.


What did you like the most?

What I liked is that she also wanted to give me pleasure to me, and she made ​​an awesome fist fucking, better than I have ever done. I did not need a single drop of lubricant; I always have to use it. We come a lot of times, I don’t know if seven or eight, after that we had a shower with something that was not love, but a totally different energy there is with a man who only wants to fuck. In bathrobe, we lay back on the bed and opened another bottle of champagne. We were chatting; watching her on the bed, so attractive and so nice I wanted to suck her again, so I ate her pussy another time. After resting, we got dressed and went. I've never seen her again.


Would you like her to call for an appointment one day?

Yes, of course. I’d repeat without hesitation, she was very generous with money and with the deal. It was not a regular client, I guess there are so many opportunities to see ourselves as not do it anymore. It's one of the things that I love in this job, sometimes you know great people and you even intimate with them and they invite you to everything.

Not always will be so special...

No, not always, so when it happens , you never forget it.

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