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Let’s make a toast for a 2016 full of sex!
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Let’s make a toast for a 2016 full of sex!

Wednesday 23 December 2015

We are arriving to the end of this year with wonderful information about our favorite subject. We hope our readers are successful in their purposes, and have the opportunity to practice the most horny and perverted fantasies explained by the best whores and escorts in Barcelona.

At Perla Negra, we have seen surprisingly exciting moments during a massage performed by a Russian escort at the relaxation area; the most beautiful black escorts and the most excited clients driven by the most primary instinct at the luxurious suites; there have been endless dates with teen university escortsmature escorts, or luxury escorts in Barcelona which our clients won’t forget.

Since the beginning of our blog, we decided to deal with all the possible subjects, talk to escorts and whores in Barcelona, even to the clients who wanted to tell us what they expect from the hottest sex-professionals in the capital city of Catalonia.

At the end of 2015, we can take a look back and admit we are wiser and we should have improved our skills in bed, be less puritans and more generous in giving pleasure to our partners. After all, all of us have a wild horny escort inside us who loves to be labeled as an explosive girl able to fulfill the hottest sexual fantasies.

How many golden showers will our adored escorts and whores in Barcelona perform? How many deep throats will take the most picky-eater clients to paradise? Let’s toast sex, let’s immerse in vaginal fluids and sperm one more time before this year ends to begin the new year with renewed energy and the libido of a teenager at their prom.

Escorts' opinion

At Perla Negra’s blog we have drawn the vision of Catalan escorts, Spanish escorts, Russian escorts, and many other foreign escorts about their job and lifestyle because being a whore is not alike to an office job, it seems tougher.

Black whores, luxury whores and escorts in Barcelona have opened their legs for many men and their hearts for our editors to say what they think and how they feel.

One of the mature escorts said that everybody prostitutes in exchange for something; money, security, love, a lifestyle. Shocking, right?

The Spanish escort told us that her heart was away from her job, her only desire was to be the best of the whores for her clients. A Russian escort told us in an interview about her stressful pace of work when there are important international events such as Festival de Cannes; where you can earn up to 10,000 euros in a huge orgy at a yacht. Opinions, lives, experiences, we have talked about everything, and we will keep on doing it because paid sex world is infinite; men need this activity to feel real men, release their tension and escape from reality.

In addition to explaining some escorts and whores' in Barcelona opinions, we have also dealt with some interesting subjects such as paraphilias, fetishes and fantasies.

Sex is very wide; there are expert people and newbies, but nobody likes to spend long time without shagging. Why? This is another interesting question: is sex about procreation or pleasure? We concluded that it is about connection. People connect and feel connected if they practice sex. Actually, we hardly ever have sex looking for a baby, so procreation isn’t the essential feature of it; if it was about pleasure, we would be content with masturbating. Escorts and whores in Barcelona know it: the need of sex is closely related to the need of feeling connected.

In our conversations with Catalan escorts and Spanish escorts, we unrevealed that their clients need to cry, open their heart and take a rest from their male-armors.

Mature escorts told us about men who go punting looking for sex but find out that conversations after or before sex are more valuable. This is vox populi among escorts and whores.

We have also talked about the weirdest practices that escorts and whores in Barcelona have been asked for, which include golden showerdeep throatanal sex, dressing up, black kisssnowballing and every kind of practices we love to experience.

Golden shower

The Cuban escort told us that golden shower is a normal thing. How a beautiful name! It looks like it consists of showering in gold in a luxury bath tube at the best spa, or maybe tasting water from the most pure manantial. However, it actually means to be peed on. How wonderful the human mind is transforming the words to make it look nice!

We will go on next 2016, along with our best escorts and whores in Barcelona, deepening in sex and inviting everyone to experience their most perverted fantasies. 

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