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Luxury escorts: Cannes and 40,000$ per night

Sunday 21 September 2014
It is common knowledge that cinema, fashion, beauty and prostitution have many commonalities. There is a thin line between being a catwalk model, an actress or a whore in Cannes. Cinema festivals are a hotspot for beautiful women, expensive outfits and lust in all its forms. There was a luxury prostitution scandal linked with the Gaddafi family during this festival.

In France, prostitution is allowed but it cannot be advertised or promoted, so luxury prostitutes -gorgeous ladies dressed like millionaires' wives- hang around the Carlton Hotel and can be spotted because they are stunning and do not smoke.


Luxury girls, luxury yachts, luxury hotels, luxury dresses, luxury jewels, everything is luxury when Cannes celebrates the festival. Only one businessman -a pimp nob, who managed one large branch of prostitution and contact networking with the whores- was arrested by the police, was judged and sentenced to jail back to his country, Lebanon. The guy who was providing all the luxury whores for the nicknamed “playboy” Mutassim Gaddafi -one of the richest guests of the cinema festival- now is in jail over there. But nobody can't take the fun away from him, can they?

Mutassim Gaddafi passed away in 2011, but the right nicknamed “playboy” of the family really enjoyed his life with luxury, especially prostitution with stunning women around the world. Cannes is the luxury whores' hotspot, they can charge up to 40,000$ per night. Fortunately for many gentlemen, these rates are out of the question for the whores in Barcelona's pricing lists.

He will not have another million dollar birthday party any more, where Enrique Iglesias performed for half million dollars, and Carmen Electra did it for 50,000$. Even though she was the special guest, there were complains saying the playboy did not pay much attention to her; people say he actually was very shy with women, that might explain why he needed to turn them into whores.

Arabic gentlemen's reputation

The owners of the world's -because of the oil- reputation is quite good speaking in generosity terms with the prostitutes in Barcelona, Cannes and elsewhere.

In Cannes, people know that during the ten days festival, one hundred to two hundred of luxury whores get hectic in and out of the hotels. There are a lot of yachts moored in the docks, and inside of each one, there are ten or twelve naked or semi naked girls who only drink, take drugs and have sex with people. When the party is over, the girls get their “gift envelope” with thousands of dollars in it. It is said Arabic men do not even count the money, because it is only paper and they are not interested in it. They travel to Cannes with suitcases filled with wads of ten thousand dollars, ready to be spread around after a crazy night.

Paris, London, Venezuela, Brazil, Morocco and Russia

The luxury escorts and the independent escorts, who want fresh juicy money, go mainly to the above mentioned places. Prostitution network pimps pick them up at the Nice International Airport, and take them straightforward to the luxury yachts, where they are eagerly expected by the richest gentlemen in the world. In the wide range of the escorts' nationalities, there are Lebanese escorts, Latin escorts, Russian escorts, Brazilian escorts, Venezuelan escorts and Moroccan escorts. All of them ready to get a big piece of the cake in exchange of hard work.

Catwalk model, Hollywood actress, luxury escort

At some point, the line between one job and another gets blurred, and a woman doubts the reason why she got to the Festival of Cannes. It is known, many rundown actresses still have a high standard lifestyle because they become prostitutes in this corner of the Azure Coast, and one can spot many well-known names in the luxury escorts' lists. It may be the big amount of money offers what make the catwalk models or actresses swap their jobs for the luxury escort one for one night. But there are other ladies who have been offered big sums of money for whoring, but have turn down them at once.

Luxury whores also in Barcelona

Probably Cannes is not the only place where money, luxury and prostitution meet. Prostitution in Barcelona has many different sides, from dirty street hookers in the city centre, to the most luxury independent escorts, who may hang around the best nightclubs, or who only answer the very special clients' phone calls.

Luxury escorts in Barcelona can charge four hundred euros per hour, but this is not the usual price. These escorts are physically stunning, well-mannered, and classy in their clothing options as well as in their personality; indeed, these merits either should be seduced or should be paid.

In Barcelona, there has not been any luxury prostitution network detected yet, but probably there might be more than one going on, as well as in Madrid, when the catwalk fashion shows, cinema festivals and these sort of events are happening.

It looks like these are connected factors, luxury in all its ways, money, and boundless sex; but being rated in thousands of euros or only a few, it is striking how it can be the same thing. Whores or prostitutes in Barcelona would do the same job with a different number of zeros on the right. For those who love money, this figures make the rest.

However, some prostitutes say everybody do something in exchange for something else, and these ladies do it in exchange for money. A Spanish escort says “we take less risks than other ladies who get involved in a relationship, we only give pleasure and get paid for it, that is that; being a whore in Barcelona is less dangerous than being a girlfriend, that is the way I see it”.
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