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Naked Therapy or prostitution?
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Prostitutes? The Naked Therapy

Tuesday 30 September 2014
The Naked Therapy is a brand new creation by a young lady named Sarah White, who has decided to earn some money though a special therapy. Even though the girl undresses very slowly in front of a webcam, she does not describe herself a whore or a prostitute, but as a person who wants to listen to gentlemen and wants to help them to improve their lives.

Could this so called miss White be a kind of porn actress or a whore? Actually she does not keep any contact with the clients, however she undresses very slowly while chatting with the guys, and she even masturbates herself. The service is quite easy at the beginning, they simply have a conversation: the clients tell her their problems and preoccupations, while she undresses very slowly, getting them to empty their cloudy minds.

This lady, many people have called a whore, boasts herself as a true therapist, who shows her body and masturbation technique as a therapy work session.

An exciting sight

Whether we call it prostitution or not, this is a quite particular way of making a living. The clients of the prostitutes in Barcelona pay good money to enjoy their company and touch feeling, however miss White only offers the coldness of a screen, and not precisely for a low price, but for 300$ per hour each session.

This shows the size of the boredom, loneliness or shyness of the clients, who would rather masturbate in front of a computer, instead of paying for the hot wet fleshy feeling of a whore in Barcelona or elsewhere. Can this be really the same deal?

This girl's success has reached the mass media, who are conveniently giving her good fame for free.

From a public facing job to naked therapist

Sarah White very soon realized she could earn good money if she carried out the same job in front of a computer, but being naked instead. She designed her website and offered her brand new Naked Therapy service, calling the male clients to express their troubles through their sexual excitement, while watching her taking her clothes off during the therapy session. Of course, her impatient “patients” do not only book appointments, but they are a rising list of loyal clients.

From a nice 150$ per hour and charging 300$, a double price, this lady is no fool at all. Many people has criticized her very hardly, but White actually has reached 1,000 clients around the world.

The nudity power

Although Sarah White does not have a degree in Psychology science, she knows by intuition and experience, that showing off her naked body makes the client feeling more comfortable very quickly. The sight of a naked woman makes everything more comfortable for a man. He relaxes immediately as well as his sexual arousal increases.

Whores in Barcelona always tell us their two top services, the obviously sexual one: the activity aimed to satisfy the client physically, fulfilling his desire and passion, reaching the dreams of these men, who need to feel their manhood in the arms of a beautiful prostitute in Barcelona. And the other service the whores mention: a nice conversation in bed with the client, after having pleasant sex with him.

We spoke with a very pretty 
Russian  prostitute  about this subject, and she admitted that most of her clients enjoy the conversation with her as much as they enjoy sex, “nightclubs in Barcelona have a bar for a reason, over there prostitutes and clients meet and talk, and sometimes a friendship has born; many gentlemen need to let go their sexual energy, and other guys do not necessarily look for one thousand postures in bed, but for a female companionship, who can listen their talk about themselves”.

Do men think only about sex?

“Of course not, but they definitely show it off more than ladies do”, replies one of the prostitutes in Barcelona, who was born in Colombia. “Guys have a less controlled sexual drive than ladies, but at the same time, men do not open up so easily and speak out their troubles, while ladies do it chapter and verse to their best girlfriend; this may be the reason why men like having sex and talking about their life and troubles with a whore”.

Even so, what makes a man to open up to a naked stranger whore instead of doing it to his own wife? The 
senior escort points that “relax followed by an unlimited and with no taboos sex session, is the perfect field for a man to open his heart and talk about his secrets with someone who would not judge him, like a whore, while the wife would have an opinion about his speech, plus she might not be as good in bed as we are”.

What do men talk about with the whores?

Many clients of prostitution in Barcelona open their hearts to their favourite escort, or they might tell their most intimate problems and preoccupations to a stranger woman. Besides talking about work, their troubles with their wives and many other futile matters, some clients state their porn addiction, or ask for the weirdest sexual practices they want to carry out and cannot do with their wives.

A luxury escort in Barcelona says men are the weird ones for wanting to enjoy sex in the most creative ways, yet their wives are not weird for being tangled in religious prejudices or traditional beliefs like “I allow you to have sex with me face to face once a month”.

Definitely, a booking date with one of the many whores in Barcelona, is much more than a sexual Marathon race, it is an intimate relationship, and for many guys goes beyond the physical contact, helping them to get in peace with the world through a naked stranger webcam session, although she is on the other side of the world.
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