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Natalia and Noemi

Natalia and Noemi

Wednesday 07 August 2013
 Two escorts with amazing bodies that will make museums go sight to each of her curves. They are two of the most desirable women in Barcelona, ​​and as it can not be otherwise, have their personal profile on La Perla Negra.
Both serve in hotels and homes, as in our facilities, but each has a preference for a different room, is that some people want a large bath, massage and those who prefer a roomy shower for many people ...
Natalia is a Colombian 25 years of long blond hair and a chest of more than 95. It takes time to work as an escort, so you can order almost any service. Noemi instead is much younger, is 21 and was born in the Caribbean. She, like Natalia does everything you can imagine and more. Both are a expert in oral sex, and know what they have to give a man to enjoy.
If you want to stay with one of them two, stop by your profile. There you will find your email and phone number.
See you in La Perla Negra, the only place with ISO9001 Barcelona.
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