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Oral sex

Monday 27 June 2016

How to blow a dick in the bloody best way?

Although this blog is focused on sluts and escorts, today we are going to lead our words to a greater audience: to all dick’s girl-lovers! To all promiscuous girls, puritans who want to push their limits and daring or curious girls; to all that women who think they are not good at blowing a dick and want to improve their skills; to women who enjoy blowing dicks and last but not least, to gay men who are also dick lovers. Today’s question for our readers is: how to blow a dick in the bloody best way?

Oral sex and lubrication

If you are thinking about practicing oral sex with a man, then don’t forget that it should flow to get good results. It is important to check that the dick is wet and slippery, so you can give free rein to your imagination and blow as fast as you want. You can lube up a dick with, or you can go to the nearest sexshop or chemist and get a tube of lube. Remember that it is recommended to slip all over the dick to get the best pleasurable oral sex as a result. We are not saying that we should empty the tube all over the dick, but that we should apply it wisely. Virtue is the middle course.

Don’t get stuck in oral sex only

As we have already said many times before, it is advisable to listen to our partner likings. If you leap right into the dick-blower role, you may forget about checking out that your partner is enjoying as much as you. It is a good idea to ask your partner how they like to be blowed, but if you are a good observer, then you can guess what are their likings. Don’t pretend you are a porn actress while blowing, you’d better verify your partner is actually enjoying it.

Using your tongue is essential

Men enjoy putting their dick in someone’s mouth, but they would probably enjoy more when their partner uses her tongue. The best escorts recommend to hit men’s dick gently using your tongue to lead them to orgasm; imagine you are sucking an ice cream, it is very similar to it -they say. Using your tongue shouldn’t be alike to licking your partner as if you were a pet, just focus on lust and seduction. Your tongue is your best ally.

Oral sex as an end and a beginning

Many men want to be blowed and get to the next position right after it, they don’t look for cumming at this first stage. It is right to ask them if they’d like to cum as a result of the blowjob, or rather get to another sex practice. Women are able to cum several times in little time, but men need to recover after cumming, so don’t be shy and ask them what they prefer.

Dicks and beyond

Men have other erogenous zones apart from their dick. Obviously, when it comes to practicing sex with men, people focus on their dick, but this would make the experience be very direct and last for short time. If you really want that your partner explodes in passion when he cums, you should be imaginative and touch every inch of his skin.

Escorts pay attention to the zone between the testicles and the penis base. “When I blow someone, I lick that zone and my clients go crazy because that’s a super sensitive zone”. Anyway, there’s no magic formula to practice oral sex, so there are opinions for every taste. Some people will affirm “yes, it turns me on a lot” and others will say “it’s not so big deal”, or “I’ve never tried it before.”

Seeing is believing

Many people like having sex with lights off and many other people like it lights on. It works the same for oral sex. If you want to perform a blowjob in the bloody best way, then you have to let your partner watch it. Some men have had so many blowjobs that they are tired of them; however, there are other men who have never experienced it. That is why you should let them watch your face and how you enjoy while you blow them. Is there any bigger pleasure than daydreaming about a fantasy and turning it into reality? Don’t be a puritan, don’t switch the lights off; you’d better chose low ambient lights. Bring your inner wolf up confidently. Place yourselves in front of a mirror and let the party begins.

Oral sex and teeth: a bad idea

As we always say on our beloved blog, there are colours for any taste. On first thoughts, oral sex and teeth are not a good combination, although when we get excited, our tolerance threshold to pain increases.

Be careful, so your teeth don’t scratch his penis in the middle of a blowjob. That would ruin all good vibes and you’ll probably gain a rude nickname like “the dick chewer.”

The power of seduction

In addition to all the advices written on this blog, we must add one: the power of seduction. Sometimes, women foreplay eclipses oral sex. Slowing down the moment, using your hands and looks to warm up and performing other techniques that make escorts be sex goddesses are the keys to get your partner astonished by your blowjobs.

Seduction is about going beyond; oral sex will make your experience be unforgettable.

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