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Our clients speak out: “everything inside”
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Our clients speak out: “everything inside”

Friday 09 December 2016

What do you know about anal sex and lube? What is lube world like? Why do men love to fuck asses? As many or our readers already know, we have interviewed the best escorts in Barcelona. Today, we will offer another point of view for the most curious. Anal sex and lube, according to how clients at Perla Negra see them.

Why do a man decide for going punting over going to a nightclub?

It is clear. Because he may want sex, but it isn’t that easy to get; or he may want to make kinky things in bed and hasn’t found a person to practice them, or isn’t confident enough to ask for them to his sex partner. Basically, we look for easy sex. That’s the right moment to go to Perla Negra and experiment. In addition, going to a nightclub usually involves spending all your money in inviting girls for drinks. You have to try your luck. In the end, you may not find someone to go home with after having wasted much money.

What are the differences between sleeping with a girl at a nightclub and an escort?

Escorts are much more servicial. You can go further and experience things you wouldn’t with a girl you have met at a nightclub. For example, I enjoy anal sex a lot and that’s hard to get with someone you’ve just met.

Why do you like anal sex?

The main difference I’ve found between anal sex and other kinds of sex is that the annus hole is narrower and more pleasurable, as a consequence. I like girls who have practiced and are prepared for it. I also enjoy using lube, I think it is the perfect mix for a great sex session. Both enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Lube usage has increased meaningfully over the last years. How do you use it?

Under my personal experience, I think there is a different kind of lube for every sex encounter. Some kinds are aimed at easing penetration and others add a different touch to the encounter. They are classified according to flavour, colour, texture; there are some which make us feel different temperatures, or even alternate from cold to heat. They make us feel different sensations; there is even a type of lube which is anaesthetic. They contribute something innovative to every sexual intercourse. There are different types of lube to massage; each one has to try different lubes to find their favorite. Some of them are oily and can make you get dirty. I usually use the most watery ones.

Sex boundaries get blurred with escorts, you know that they are used to give pleasure and satisfy their clients’ desires, have you ever asked your escort to go beyond your sex boundaries with you?

I like sex very much. Probably, most readers think that every man likes sex very much, but I spend my money in escorts and exploring sex instead of having another hobbies to waste it. I think it is the best I can do with my money at this stage of my life. I’ve made everything with an escort, even with more than one at the same time, but I haven’t felt the need to try my butt hole. However, escorts’ butts drive me crazy.

In your opinion, who are the best escorts to have anal sex?

Latinas are very good to have anal sex. They are very lustful escorts, they love sex and, in addition, you notice they don’t have taboos when you have sex with them. Other escorts deplore doing it, although they are professional sluts. It seems impossible to believe, since they should be more than used to practice all the practices because of their job, but it isn’t like that. Colombian, Venezuelan and Brazilian girls are the best escorts to have anal sex. In addition, they are the hottest and funniest ones. Taking them to have a couple of drinks and dance will definitely make you spend a nice time.

Do you have a partner, or are you single?

I don’t have a steady partner. I like to live alone, devote to my job during the week and spend my spare time during weekends and holidays with escorts. I know many men who visit Perla Negra and are married. This is due to the fact that they don’t get what they need at home. They want to do different things, but I’m sure their wives reject even blowing them. That is why those men come to brothels like this.

Do you like escorts company so much that you would suggest doing a threesome with one of them and your partner, in case you had one?

Well, I haven’t thought about involving in a couple, but I would invite her to share a special evening with a gorgeous escort at Perla Negra before coming here alone and cheating on her. If couples felt more confident, we would see many married couples coming here for a funny Saturday night. People are still worried about religion and sexual repression. If they could act freely, I’m sure they would like to spend a night with an escort and try things that they have in mind and which many of them will never try.

We have just get through 1st December, AIDS International Day. Do you practice sex with a condom?

If you like going punting and fucking the more sluts, the better, the idea of having sex without a condom doesn’t even come to your mind. Although at Perla Negra girls are healthy and the brothel takes much care of hygiene, you can never forget that sex is a way to catch many diseases, not only AIDS. I always use a condom. I know that the escort I’m with has already been with many others. In short, I don’t consider it, I just put it on. 

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