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Peppr, Germany creates the first prostitution app
Sex and Prostitution

Peppr, the first prostitution app

Thursday 01 May 2014
Existing apps that place you on the exact the location you are, it was surprising that there wasn’t an app dedicated to prostitution.

The creator of Peppr, available in Germany where prostitution is legal and sex industry reaches a movement of more than fifteen billion Euros per year, believes that bringing together those seeking paid sex and those who sell these services via technology “will revolutionize the image of those who work in sex industry."

This new app, Peppr, is like any other dating site, relationships and encounters; the only difference is that it connects clients with prostitutes.

In 2002, Germany legalized prostitution and since then sex industry has alarmingly expanded. Some say the number of prostitutes nowadays in Germany could reach 400,000; most of them are foreign from the most economically depressed parts of Europe such as Bulgaria and Romania. According to data published in the Daily Telegraph, in Germany over fifteen billion Euros are moved only by sex industry, this is linked to the opening of several big brothels with twelve floors for paid sex. Two years after prostitution legalization, this industry valued at least six billion Euros.

Nowadays, one of the new companies that succeed on the Internet has created this application, Peppr, "the first App to book erotic entertainment ". Customers only have to say the location, recognize that they are over 18 and select the genre they are looking for. After that, they get a lot of photographs of men and women who offer their sexual services for a fee. Prostitutes can be subscribed for free and customers pay between five and ten Euros per booking, they can make the search through physical features or services they want.

She had the idea

The co-founder of the company, Pia Poppenreiter, said the idea came to mind while she was walking along one of the many red-light districts in Germany in the middle of the night. “I was walking along Strase Oranienburger, I know it sounds corny, but it was cold and I saw that girls in the streets and I wondered why there was not an app to improve their situation. Waiting on the street did not seem to be the most efficient way. “Poppenreiter believes using this app will make improve the image of prostitution, in her words, “it will revolutionize the image of the world of the sex trade.”
But, people in this database really want to engage in prostitution? You can never really know it but at least, the company talks to those who are subscribed before being active contacts to confirm that they do it freely. Despite of good intentions, Poppenrieter says "it is very difficult to know in a telephone conversation if they really want to do it”.
This new application comes when human trafficking rises above other concerns in Europe. Germany, one of those countries that are very concerned with this problem, sees the economic movement that prostitution generates, faster and faster, prices fall and demand continues.

Victims of human trafficking networks are mostly women

The official number of victims of trafficking in human in Europe is estimated at 23,600 according to a report published by the European Union last year. Human trafficking is so difficult to detect that the European Commission estimates that this number could be closer to hundreds of thousands of men, women and children victims of gangs who trade in humans, mostly from Eastern Europe, especially from newly admitted to the European Union countries.
This report revealed that human trafficking had increased by 18% between 2008 and 2010 while the number of criminals arrested declined by 13%. Most people caught in these networks, 62%, are forced to have sex, being 68% female victims, 17% are men and 3 % are children.

Sex with a clear conscience

Two things that a prostitution client may have in mind are, in one hand, the issue of hygiene and health, and on the other hand, if the person being paid is doing it because she wants and likes or because she is a victim of a human trafficking network mafia .
Both evils are there, it looks like the second one, over the years, it has become worse than the first one. Only if you stop and think for a while, you can get both answers.
According to the National Police, the most of women prostituting themselves on the roads, industrial parks and whorehouses or brothels are hidden human trafficking networks victims.
In Spain, it is estimated at ten thousand women forced into prostitution under the threat of their family’s death in their countries of origin.
Driving on the Spanish roads looking for fast and cheap sex, stopping the car at a young Nigerian or Romanian lady who stays all the day on a road leading her own destruction and exposed to the worst diseases can be very comfortable and affordable, as long as the client doesn’t wonder if that person is voluntarily there, because if he think about it one second, in the vast majority of cases, the answer will be no.
Attending to legalized brothels, which closely follow safety and hygiene standards after contacting with an 
escort or a luxury companion  is the safest way to have sex and come back home with a clear conscience.
If the client of the road prostitution and fleabag brothels thought about it, human trafficking networks wouldn’t have much to do. 

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