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Perla Negra Barcelona: style, taste and the best sex
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Perla Negra Barcelona: style, taste and the best sex

Tuesday 16 February 2016

Perla Negra Barcelona has it all, that’s why it is one of the most exclusive and best reputed in the city. Luxury, class, discretion and the best treatment are some of our traits, but today we will go beyond them to show you what Perla Negra Barcelona has to offer to fill our nights with unforgettable moments. Perla Negra Barcelona’s clients look for a luxurious club where they can enjoy a good atmosphere and the best escorts in the city to experience their favorite moment of their week. Style, taste and the best sex define perfectly the identity of Perla Negra Barcelona.

Based in the best neighborhood in Barcelona

Based downton in the main city of Catalonia, Perla Negra Barcelona is a very recommendable stop to do during a night out. It’s nearby restaurants, bars and nightclubs; clients usually approach and chat with the escorts who usually come over to the club, or even intimate with one of them in an hourly rental suite at Perla Negra Barcelona.

All kinds of restaurants and terraces surround the area of Perla Negra Barcelona; there, it is possible to start your evening and cheer up by drinking a bottle of white wine. If you feel like having a drink and listening to good music after dinner, the area is full of cool nightclubs to warm up your body. Those nightclubs can be the beginning of crazy nights which end in a suite accompanied by a voluptuous escort. If the party is on fire and you don’t want to leave, there are nightclubs near Perla Negra Barcelona where you can dance and listen to the best house and techno music while you have your fifth drink. Perla Negra Barcelona is located just in the middle of a leisure zone and has much to offer to people who think that party isn’t only about drinks and music, but also about improvisation and pleasure, much pleasure.

Perla Negra Barcelona’s bar area

If you want to be pampered to detail, Perla Negra Barcelona is an establishment well reputed because of its quiet atmosphere and the high quality of its facilities. Its suites’ decoration combines feng shui and modernity. Chromotherapy lighting will help you to relax your mind and excite your body in the company of an escort. All suites are equipped with luxurious showers or bathtubs, big plasma screen TVs to watch all kinds of X channels for adults, music, a Nespresso pod machine, all the needed so that your sex session is hygienic and safe.

The atmosphere of the bar area is nice and warm for those men who want to have a drink and get the possibility of ending your night in the arms of a beautiful escort. At Perla Negra Barcelona’s bar area happens the same as at any other bar, people chat and make eyes at the most beautiful girls in the city. The possibility of getting lost between their legs and asking them to turn the most delicious sins of the flesh into reality is at their fingerprints.

Safe from indiscreet looks

Discretion is another trait which allows Perla Negra Barcelona differentiate from the other clubs. If you are the kind of client who doesn’t want to meet other people in the club, the only thing you have to do is to request a private waiting room far from the mundane noise. There, you will be safe from all indiscreet looks.

Hygiene, overall

Hygiene is an essential feature for Perla Negra Barcelona. All the needed sources to preserve your health and have hygienic sex are at your disposal when you are in one of our suites. In addition, the escorts often get blood tests and Perla Negra Barcelona’s staff also offer their clients to get a blood test. Our staff clean and sterilize the suites after each use, so the place is perfect for clients and escorts not only to meet but also to get naked and give free rein to their most perverted and dirty fantasies.

Relaxation area: divided between excitation and calm

Sometimes, we may don’t feel like starting at the bar area, maybe we are tired and like unhurried things; then, our relaxation area will become the best way to start your night.

At Perla Negra Barcelona’s relaxation area, there are bathtubs, foam, candlelight, aromatherapy, chill-out music and the most interesting: the hands of the most beautiful escorts who are expert in erotic massages.

Erotic massage is one of the services you can enjoy at Perla Negra Barcelona. It isn’t mandatory that an erotic massage ends in orgasm. Actually, it consists of a trip across your body to reach relaxation, but it involves touching parts of the body that wouldn’t be touched during an ordinary massage. It seems silly to miss such a pleasurable experience, isn’t it? The main objectives of erotic massages at Perla Negra Barcelona are to relax your body and stimulate the erogenous parts of men, or the penis and surroundings, in other words.

Happy ending massages are like ordinary massages except for one little detail, they end with oral sex or masturbation. The relaxation area at Perla Negra Barcelona is the perfect place to get a balance between being excited because of your orgasm and getting back the calm you lost during your week.

A bathtub full of warm water, rose petals, essential oil and a breathtaking escort at your beck and call to massage  your dick. It looks like a dream, right?

At Perla Negra Barcelona, luxury, pleasure and relaxation are guaranteed. 

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