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Pleasurable anal sex
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Pleasurable anal sex

Monday 24 July 2017

It's no secret that men love anal sex. This is a sought after service not always easy to get. Plenty of women have wanted to experiment the rear pleasures but many others haven't yet decided or say they won’t. What to do when one has the desire but not the companion?. It’s obvious, within the world of sex professionals’, the Greek is one of the most sought after services.

Everything Positive

Men have no problem with the Greek. If they had to write a list with the pros and cons, probably the second column would be empty. The view they have is perfect, the position easy and the pleasure immense. Some underlie that the contact is merely sexual. There is no visual or physical contact except via the genitals and a touch of dominance. What else can one ask for?

Let’s take into account that sex, depending on the physical condition, can be a real effort. Sweat, tiredness and tension in the muscles can fail us sometimes. The doggy style position, referred to anal sex, eliminates many of these complications. One on all fours and the other on his knees seems very easy indeed to perform. It’s a deep penetration, it doesn’t require too much energy and, therefore, there is no sweat, specially now with the heats of the summer.


Only a country like the United States, creator of pornography on the big screen and 5kg silicone tits could also dress up as a saint and launch against anal sex. Although on our blog we’ll talk freely about this practice, if we published in the USA we would have a problem for inciting to do Greek. The state of Michigan recently banned anal and oral sex with penalties of up to 15 years in prison.

Love and Greek

Some women give arguments about love to avoid this posture. Since there is only genital contact, it seems more a pornographic posture than a romantic one. Big mistake, as feelings cannot be identified with a specific posture. There can be more love on a Greek than on a sleazy missionary

Of course we have a multitude of positions to reach pleasure with our partner but we shouldn’t dismiss the Greek just because it’s from behind. In this position, she can also enjoy hard core sex. She can’t see her companion, can make all the facial expressions she wants and dribble without worrying. She has no body on top of her putting pressure on her when breathing or sweating due to the effort. She also ends up winning with this position.

The importance of sight

In the doggy style anal position, whoever is on their knees penetrating, be it a harness or a penis, has a wonderful view. The back, waist and ass can be extremely sexy and even more when one is penetrating.

Chatting with the clients at Perla Negra about the Greek on all fours, one of the most common comments is how much the vision of it all excites them. “She’s at our disposal. Shows her ass to us as if saying “it’s all yours”. That excites us men a lot as we get horny with images. And in that position, the view is perfect”.

That hole’s nostalgia

As we said before, the Greek is one of the services most sight after by clients. It’s not easy to find in today’s daily mobile applications. To experiment it, many times one has to go to a sex professional.

But, as with everything in life, anal sex it’s about women as well as men. Escorts offering the rimming service in their profiles know very well that their clients want attention paid to their assholes too.

The French escort tells us that she offers this practice and that plenty men ask for it. “The anus is something pleasurable both for men and women. Penetration is something we associate with girls but men also like it, the issue is that they see their manhood threatened, but those who dare trying can’t do without at least a finger up their behind”.

Pleasure for the man

Pleasure for the man is not just about the penis. The escort tell us many of their services get reduced to blowjobs and vaginal penetration but a great number of clients are saucier than that.

The male G spot, the one of maximum pleasure, is in the rectum. If the man in question is able to forget its role as the penetrator and turn into the penetrated, he can reach the greater orgasm of his life.

If the man lays facing up and opens his legs, his companion can make him enjoy slowly fitting her fingers in his anus and pressing lightly in the gland responsible for the ejaculation. If he’s capable of doing it well, he’ll reach a slow and intense orgasm.

The heterosexual man no longer needs to fear being called a faggot. Little by little, opens his mind and his legs and let’s their partner do in bed. This growing tendency reflects itself in the multitude of erotic massages for men which include the manipulation of the male anus to reach orgasm. Sometimes, they don’t even include touching the penis.

The lingam massage or the prostatic massage, are some of the examples of this new wave of pleasure for the men who decide to relax the mind and change role. Tired of Vanilla se or the missionary position, some have rebelled already against taboos and are experimenting with their body before it’s no longer attractive to women.

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