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Friday 19 May 2017

Pornstar escorts: Be the star of your own porn movie

Meeting a luxury escort is an experience you won't forget in your whole life. If you are a demanding person, there's even the possibility of living stronger emotions.

Do you know what could be better than a beautiful escort with a goddess body? The answer is simple: a pornstar escort. It is hard to believe the idea of enjoying a crazy night in the best company, however, now it's possible to touch the sky at Perla Negra BCN.

Spending a fun time with such incredible women is one of the most common fantasies among men. We tell you why:

  • In the world of male fantasies, having sex with two escorts at a time is one of the most desired.
  • Anal sex, also known as "ass-fucking", is also one of them.
  • And, of course, fucking a pornstar escort.

All three are wonderful options, but the last one is particularly special: after years of watching porn movies, now you can become a pornstar and star the film of your life.

Finally you can be the pornstar you've always dreamt of! The best part is that you partner will be an experienced pornstar escort able to fulfill men's desires as if she was a fairy godmother.

Pornstar escorts and their dual careers

Both in movies and real life, these amazing escorts work a lot. They devote their life to physical appearance, so, why not making a successful career of it by working both in front of the camera and behind the scenes?

There are many Hollywood actresses who began their careers by fucking in front of the cameras, or even as luxury escorts. They say it's the case of Sharon Stone, Halle Berry, or Catherine Zeta Jones.

Supposedly, these actresses, who didn’t have many chances to become celebrities, nor many contacts or even the money to pay for acting classes in Los Ángeles, opted to starting their careers as luxury escorts or even pornstar escorts, to earn the money needed to get a lucky moment and become celebrities on the Hollywood scene later on.

Marilyn Monroe's career

In one special case, one woman started acting in porn movies and then took the leap into “normal” films. This actress admired for her comedies, her stunning beauty, and her tragic ending, is Marilyn Monroe. Her earliest films were destroyed; however, it is known that Monroe started her career immersed in eroticism and pornography.

Pornstar escorts and film stars: How does one become the other?

As it is very common for a pornstar to become a film star, we wondered what the connection between both worlds is.

It is very simple. Actors, producers and film directors are men, and, as such, they visit luxury brothels and meet them there. It is said that Michael Douglas met Stone and Zeta Jones in one of these.

The elite of the film industry just come over these brothels or make a call to luxury escort agencies to set up an appointment with spectacular escorts, because they don’t want to waste their time with flirting. It becomes easier for the girls to take the leap to a major spot in the film industry. Suddenly, it turns from a dream into an objective about to be accomplished.

Pornstar escorts: the hottest experience

They are twice as good. A pornstar escort has very powerful and desirable attributes. They are not just attractive escorts, but also actresses. Thousands of people, men and women, have endlessly masturbated and dreamt of a pornstar escort while watching porn movies; they even have wished to make the movie turn into reality. The day you always dreamt of can become real by calling one of these wonderful pornstar escorts who can make all your dreams come true.

This is why pornstar escorts are that successful and attractive, it has been a double fantasy which turns into reality becoming twice as impressive.

The client (or clients) may even ask the pornstar escort to record the big event, the best fucking of their life, to show it and ensure their manhood is visible. Obviously, this isn't possible, unless the pornstar escort receives royalties from it; furthermore, such royalties should include producers and distributors of the film. Otherwise, filming is unfortunately not possible.

So, if you are thinking about hiring the services of a pornstar escort without paying for the royalties, save this million-dollar question for yourself. What you can do is to fuck her, feel the most desired porn actor in the world, and share the screen with a very attractive pornstar escort.

The encounter with a pornstar escort

It is possible to meet these goddesses of nature at Perla Negra BCN. Pornstar escorts often come over to the brothel to have a drink and meet men like you, who are looking for an unforgettable experience. If you want to share your stay at Perla Negra only with your escort, At Perla Negra BCN, there are rooms thought to protect the discretion of the client.

This brothel is one of the best ones in Barcelona. Its facilities are a mixture of modernity and Feng Shui. Perla Negra BCN's suites are equipped with a comfortable bed, big plasma screen TV, luxury bathtub or shower, Nespresso coffee machine, drinks, snacks, and chromotherapy, to allow the client feel comfortable physically and psychologically from the first moment.

There is a relax area for those clients who prefer starting their sex session calmly and let a pornstar escort massages them in the bathtub before getting into real action.

However, if you don't want to come over Perla Negra BCN for the moment, but you'd rather get a pornstar escort at your hotel or apartment, you can call to contact her and arrange the best date in your life. Be the star of your own porn movie.

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