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The predecessors of escorts at Perla Negra
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The predecessors of escorts at Perla Negra

Thursday 10 March 2016

Escorts play a very important role for Perla Negra. We commonly name them as whores, prostitutes and many other synonyms which mean the same, sexual contact in exchange for money. Some people consider it to be the oldest job on Earth, some others think that they probably have their origin as the first currency of trade among humans. We don’t care about it, today on our beloved blog we will go throughout history to explain who were the ancestors of escorts at Perla Negra.

It is not surprising that most examples about predecessors of escorts at Perla Negra are related to religion or to some deity cults. . However, it seems like men’s most perverted fantasies become virtuous and saintly by pretending it is kind of transcendental. After having said this, we are about to explain a parallelism of escorts at Perla Negra which Muslims still use.


Escorts and whores are a delightful reality for many men who need them to feel good, but it is obvious whores highlight their most carnal passions. To control them, in Arab world there is the mut’ah, an agreement which regulates the relationship between an escort and her client, sometimes it is signed by their families, as if it was an hourly marriage. For some people, this is the legal and accepted way to maintain sexual relationships in the same way that would occur between an escort at Perla Negra and her client. This document establishes which is permitted to to and the amount of money that the woman will receive, it establishes even for how many hours or days will last this “marriage”.


Tawaifs are the XVIII century Indian versions to Perla Negra’s escorts. They were dancers, musicians, unbeatable companions, and supremely sensual, these tawaifs were the happy side of marriage. They didn’t date several clients, but only only one. They had children with him and earned quite a fortune. On the one hand, there was a wife; on the other hand, was the tawaif and represented what husbands really liked: partying, relax, hedonism, much sex without complexes, just what you can get at Perla Negra.


No one is free of this. Jews also had an equivalent figure to escorts or sluts. Zonahs didn’t get married, neither had children. Zonah is a dim figure in a religion that pretends to be tidy and faultless to the limit. However, this figure proves that men’s thirst for escorts is unquenchable, and they can’t help surrendering their charms. Fortunately, there are establishments like Perla Negra where it is possible to give free rein to your pleasures without complexes. 


If you know what geishas are, then you know everything about ganikas. Ganikas are the Indian escorts par excellence, they have the best qualities to entertain and make men enjoy. These high-class women escorted their men to long night-parties and were a sign of prosperity and fortune. Of course, men who were able to afford their companionship were really wealthy.
Indian society recognises nine different types of escorts or whores, like at Perla Negra, where there are a wide variety of sexual partners. A ganika is a luxury slut who had to act sluty in bed and be skilled in sixty four arts. If she was able to carry out such a huge deed, she was promoted to ganika’s status. 

Ganikas served royalty and lords. They couldn’t reject them, but they lived in palaces and had poems and songs written for them, enhancing their beauty and sensitivity. Ganikas were like the high-class escorts you can find at Perla Negra.

Temple whores

There is a version of escorts in ancient Greek and Roman world that is still controversial nowadays. Priestesses worshipped deities but also fucked whoever crossed their way; however, this had to be consented by a priest beforehand. It sounds like nowadays prostitution, although we insist on pretending it was transcendental.  For some scholars, temple whores were slaves who sold their body for short sexual services, this way they were able to defray the temple expenses. Other scholars point out that some people had sex with these temple guardians to worship deities. You may be familiarized with vestal figure, it hasn’t nothing to do with Perla Negra’s crazy nights. The main task of vestals was to keep their virginity and worship their deity.  There is nobody of that time around here to ask and solve our doubts, so we will have to keep speculating. What we know is that deities, whores and mortals are closely related.  Dating an escort at Perla Negra is the best way to get the pleasure you deserve. Sex is our favorite way of connecting. Consenting sex among adults is liberating and it helps us to create bonds and good memories; we don’t need to label it as to be transcendental to enjoy it and don’t feel guilty because of it. Fortunately, at Perla Negra we don’t have to make sex be something sacred to enjoy it. 

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