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Relax in Barcelona

Wednesday 18 June 2014
The pure and simple sexual relationship between the client and a Brazilian escort, a young uni escort, a senior escort or a porn star escort can be improved with the addition of a relax service. For instance, if a very adaptable escort mentions in her services list the word relax, this provides the client a much more promising encounter, definitely beyond his expectations.

Relax, a new concept of sexual satisfaction

Perla Negra BCN is launching a new time-stopping area designed for the client to choose and enjoy the escort he fancies the most. A booking date with a luxury escort who offers her best at the client's will.

In Perla Negra BCN all details matter, hygiene care, set-out decoration, discreet and proper atmosphere designed for the best sexual encounters, plus now the addition of the most relaxing and delightful experience in its services list.

Sometimes the hectic time-consuming lifestyle we carry out during the weekdays do not let us stop and enjoy the best of the pleasures: sex. Besides, having sex with a whore, is one of the male gender favourite experiences; a man dreams about meeting a lovely lady who will do anything he wants, from a black kiss, to a white kiss, to a face fuck, to a bareback blowjob, or even to become -and make her become- whatever he wants in role play, cross dressing, and to go as far as BDSM experiences concern, while enjoying all postures and pleasures, to finally leave content with no need to excuse to the lady he has had sex with.

Some other clients, still not happy with this sexual marathon, usually quick, fast and point-blank, are looking for something else. Sex can be performed with massages, back ground music, and atmospheres set for something else beyond the bare money exchange. Overseas whores like 
Venezuelan escorts, Lebanese escorts, Greek escorts, Arabic escorts or Russian escorts, are willing to give the top sexual pleasure experience to their clients, so they use more techniques apart from blowjobbing, anal sex and bondage services. Because the relax experience goes beyond all these techniques.

Relax with an escort

What does it mean to be relaxed with an escort? Is it no a regular booking with a whore? The booking date is everything, but relaxing, isn't it? Many people only expect sex in a booking date with an escort. Regular sex workers would say a whore only performs her job, has sex with the client and leaves; however, an escort, as its name recalls, is a companion, someone who can spend all the time the client wants after an economic agreement between the lady and himself. Is this same companionship the 
luxury escort, the uni escort, or the outcall girl, are using to carry out all their professional techniques, in order to make happy the client who is looking for relax and a pleasant feeling out of the world.

The luxury rooms in Perla Negra BCN are designed for this purpose, to give the client this relaxing atmosphere. The relax booking date can start with a bath in a comfortable bathtub, in a room ensuite set with chromotherapy lighting designed to calm the mind; hygiene and cleanliness are a stepping stone in the client's comfort and relax, and there is music available with the same aim.

The escort who is offering a relax service, can do it for one or more people; many couples ask for a booking with a professional in order to relax together with no secrets, and to enjoy the lady both members. This service is called group sex or 
attention to couples. Amongst others, relax service means to set up a nice atmosphere and the proceeding of an erotic massage service.

Erotic massages

This type of massages are also known as tantric or sexual massages, and lately they have become very trendy; the reason probably is because the client is not always looking for a sexual intercourse with a whore, but wants to go further and enjoy the female body, taking it easy, delaying the “fuck” time.

Even though many people think relax means sex, reality says otherwise; there is not always a final sexual intercourse with an escort in this specific service. This type of massage focuses the strokes and cares in the erogenous areas; some professionals perform it with the body and some others with the hands, depending on the client's demand. The use of candles, incenses and perfumes in the room is a must, as well as natural water sounds and back ground music. Sometimes the client feels so comfortable and relaxed with the masseuse escort, that he begins to unbosom his feelings and thoughts with her.

erotic massage usually starts from the arms and legs moving towards the heart. The escort's hands move softly upwards the client's legs, who is lying down and has already switched off from the world. There are essential oils for erotic massage specific use with either aphrodisiac or relaxing effects. Many clients ask for dildos after the massage, since the erogenous areas are totally relaxed and the pleasure intensity is recovering gently.

The relax experience is definitely something new many gentlemen have not pondered yet, and this combination of sex and relaxation goes beyond the most demanding client's expectations. The massage is a physical and yet mental experience, and topped by the favourite sexual practice can become one of the best nights with an escort of a client's lifetime. Sometimes the schedule does not let us enjoy the time as we want, hence it is advisable to find a private moment for sex and relax with an escort in Barcelona in the best city nightclub, Perla Negra BCN.

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