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Friday 08 July 2016

Time goes by, but fetishes stay

How much time average do we spend on fucking? According to what author Paulo Coehlo states in his book “Eleven minutes”, we need eleven minutes for it. So, can we assume that hourly rooms in Barcelona have plenty of time to fuck?

Coehlo wrote about a Brazilian girl who arrived in Switzerland and became a luxury slut. There are many arrangements before getting to sex and be done in 11 minutes. So, what clients and escorts do the rest of time in hourly rooms in Barcelona?

Hourly rooms in Barcelona

Some people would say to this Brazilian author that things aren’t that simple. That there are fetishes which involve time, much more than eleven minutes. However, times goes by when you are accompanied by a Russian escort or by a teen university escort and clients won’t want to leave a hourly room in Barcelona before squeezing their time there.

Some suggestions

Have you ever heard about anal pleasures? We are not only referring to deep anal sex with a luxury escort. We are also referring to clients’ ass, some of them find the biggest pleasure in getting an enema. If you know what we are talking about and can’t enjoy sex without one of these, then you might be on Klismaphilia fetish.

During this fetish, the involved people get aroused when they feel liquids going up and down their rectum and colon usually introduced through the annus with the help of an enema. Although this is a common practice in gay world, women also get aroused by this ass irrigation. People who fancy this fetish say they experience an unbelievable pleasure when water presses that area. If this sounds weird to you, then you should know that people like enemas, although they rarely recognise it. Would you like to ask to a beautiful luxury slut to get you an enema? Or do you think that eleven minutes at an hourly room in Barcelona are enough to you?

It is common that people discuss about what’s better to put in an ass: a finger or a dick. However, on our beloved blog, we are going one step beyond and ask: Is it better to put in a dick or an arm?


We don’t like to act puritan, that’s why we are dealing with fisting fetish like we deal with any other fetish.

Fisting comes from the word “fist”, which let us clear about the meaning of this word. Fisting is a fetish that is renowned in homosexual world, but it is also a very demanded practice to luxury escorts working at hourly rooms in Barcelona.

If you are able to get aroused somebody skillfully using your tongue and being patient, your partner’s genitals will become relaxed and it’ll be way easier to put in your fist and your arm and make your partner experience a huge orgasm, a great reason to enjoy to the fullest your time at an hourly room in Barcelona.

Fisting is a very common practice in porn and has many followers on the Internet. Chats are full of people wanting to turn all their fantasies into reality; of course, feeling how an arm gets in your ass is among all those fantasies.

First timers

Another interesting way of enjoying your time to the fullest at an hourly room in Barcelona is to tell your escort to pretend she is a virgin. It is hard to believe that sluts in Barcelona play this role, but there are clients who get aroused by thinking they are the first ones in fucking a girl. If you are one of these, then you like parthenophilia. In this fetish, arousement comes from the idea that this is your partner’s first time, so you pay special attention to your partner’s face expressions and moans. This game about seducing a girl who is apparently innocent and inexperienced is just another way of enjoying our time at hourly rooms in Barcelona.

Passion for feet is another renowned fetish to luxury escorts. Sometimes, clients want to get a date out of an hourly room in Barcelona and spend an afternoon with a teen university escort buying her shoes and watching her attractive feet. Some girls have commented us that some clients who are passionate for feet take a pedicure kit with them to have the escort’s feet done. It includes nail polish, lime, cotton, etc. After taking care of the escort’s feet and becoming aroused, they want to lick them. So, hourly rooms in Barcelona are perfect and improvised beauty parlours for those who get a hard-on by seeing a woman’s feet.

All the mentioned fetishes take time. Sometimes, they involve machines, costumes, masks, music, sex toys, or any other item. However, life is wonderful to voyeurs because they only need a pair of eyes to live immersed in their fantasies 24/7.

Voyeurs, 24/7

Voyeurs experience extreme pleasure to watch other people’s intimate moments. They like watching them taking a shower, sleeping, peeing, or brushing their teeth. The key to this is to watch without being watched. Voyeurs biggest desire is to watch a hot girl masturbating or to watch a couple while they fuck. Escorts and sluts in Barcelona fulfill voyeurs’ desires, who are only able to feel aroused that way. This mysterious kind of man only needs to watch them while they take their clothes off or walk naked through a hourly room in Barcelona to get a hard-on.

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