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The many types of sexual services offered by the escorts in Barcelona
Sexual services

Sexual Services

Wednesday 21 May 2014
The Japanese sounding term “in-out” is for those poor souls who just want to cum in a second and later on to end up sleeping like a log.

Sex thought out in the boredom and sameness routine boundaries has nothing in common with the endless list of sexual services the 
escorts in Barcelona are actually offering. The Japanese sounding term “in-out” is for those who just want to cum in a second and later on to end up sleeping like a log. A date with a flexible escort can be much more than that.

sexual services that can be experienced in PerlaNegra BCN are a perfect balance between new sensations, satisfaction, quality and pleasure. There is a large variety of postures, practices and situations, which combined with the client's sexual desire and the escort's experience, will make the perfect night.

In the following lines, we are going to describe some of the escorts' practices; sometimes words can give a clear idea of the offered service, and sometimes these words can drive to confusion both literally and conceptually. Let's see some of the most used terms.

Bareback blowjob

This sexual practice is what is known as fellatio with no condom. Many gentlemen get less pleasure if they have it sucked with a sheath on, that is why some escorts offer this service without a glitch.

Blowjob shot

It is not a cocktail; it is simply when the man cums, he can do it on the escorts' face. Some gentlemen can find this practice really delectable, however they cannot always do it with their partners at home, that is why they look for an escort who agrees to give this service. It is very recommendable to always talk to the girl first and speak up clearly what the guy wants in order to get a satisfactory service.

White kiss

The white kiss is one of the less recognizable practices only by the name. It is the action of cumming in the escort's mouth and playing with the semen passing it from one mouth to the other. It can sound a bit weird, but many men enjoy seeing how their semen gets into the lady's mouth and then trying it themselves, and perhaps swallowing it as well. Anyway, to each his own they say, and in sexual matters you never can tell “I will not drink from this water” or this semen/ fluid.

Black kiss

Some escorts offer this service, however it is not very common. It mainly consists in “eating” the client's asshole, not the gluteus area but the actual anus, the hole, kissing it, licking it, introducing the tongue in it, etc. Gentlemen have their “g” point, the climax in pleasure zone, in the rectal conduct, and this is the reason they find many pleasure with anal stimulation; however this cannot be easily achieved by a lady at the first try, so most men choose to pay an escort service in order to get the chance to know and enjoy their asses' pleasure assets.


It is a French word meaning being tied up by knots. It is mainly a BDSM practice. Leather, harnesses and whips are usually used, and domination is the mean for giving pleasure.

Duplex (threesome with two ladies and a gentleman)

Most men have wet dreams about having sex with two ladies at the same time, but it is hard work to find them. To go to bed with a couple of a pair of boobs and a couple of pussies instead of enjoying the half of that, it is the quintessential male erotic dream.

Easier than finding two available girls who agree with it, is to hire the services of not one but two escorts at the same time so the dream can come true at last. Not all the escorts are ready to fuck other girls, nor their offer in their services list the interaction with another escort, usually they want the client for themselves; but if there is a duplex service in their skills list, for sure the experience will be two times crazier and more pleasant.

Dressing up and cross dressing

For some people dressing up and cross dressing means more arousal stimulation, even more than with a fellatio or any other sexual practice.

The escorts who offer it in their services list have all the wardrobe stock that plays with their clients' fantasies, and they also undergo the client's will buying the costume they ask for. It is not only about the escort dressing up, but it is the client who asks for it and dresses up as well, since many men love cross dressing and like having sex dressed like a lady.

Erotic massage

The erotic massage is one of the most confusing practices. When we hire an escort to give us an erotic massage, it doesn't mean it has to compulsorily end up with sex. In fact, it means we get it to experience a deep relaxation and interaction with our erogenous zones but with not a specific aim to the final orgasm. Perhaps it is good to speak our minds with the escort and make clear if we are looking for sex or only an erotic massage with no ejaculation.

SM (from BDSM Bondage Domination Sado Masoquism)

The SM might be the most complex sexual practice of all the options. Having its own subculture and language, the SM is the relationship between to individuals who trust completely each other and one depends on the other in order to have sexual arousal. Like in the erotic massage practice, it doesn't mean the relationship has to end up with sexual encounters, in fact it can take a long time until the master/mistress decides to have sex with his/her slave.

The escort who adverts this service, knows the difference with this practice and the rest of them. It is not about humiliating or harming someone just like that, because everything in this relationship is done with both sides agreement and consent. There is a specific language to tell when to stop. There is a range of codes that must be known.

Probably the newcomer will be overwhelmed by the BDSM world, and that is why if an escort advertises it, it is good to be honest and to mention your real knowledge of this practice, and to make clear until where you are ready to go through.

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