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Sluts Barcelona: I look for the real flame, not only sex
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Sluts Barcelona: I look for the real flame, not only sex

Monday 30 May 2016

I look for the real flame, not only sex

Men usually look for sex in sluts, however dating a slut in Barcelona involves many other aspects. So, we will leave simplicity aside because we don’t feel represented by it and we will get deep in what are a man’s desires when he meets an escort.

Flirting at a dance floor nightclub and paying for the services of a slut in Barcelona are two of the quickest ways to get casual sex. Men who meet escorts usually want to go beyond their arousement. Successful and well-reputed escorts know well that that kind of clients want to get much more than sex.

Foreseeing the typical sexual repression

Clients can meet sluts in Barcelona, and not be able to talk to them or feel them up. The dogma affirming “sex is a sin” is still very present in people’s minds, what can become a serious problem. One solution to this would be hooking up and release your tension. Once we have surfed the Internet in the hunt for escort profiles and have set up a date with a slut in Barcelona, the puritan dogma we mentioned can block ourselves. Many men wish that their favorite escort is aware of it and ease the situation for them.

Suggesting instead of waiting

Many men have leader personalities. They work leading a company or a project and are fed up with making choices; it may also may happen that escorts meet shy men or inexperienced in meeting sluts in Barcelona. Where to dinner, where to meet, what to order at a restaurant and seduction games are only some fields where sluts in Barcelona are good at, they are the only ones who know that clients want to get rid of making those trivial choices.


Some clients are funny, but some others aren’t at all. We feel accepted when we tell something we consider to be funny and people laugh. Good escorts know about this, so they cheer up their clients and encourage them to joke and enjoy humour. Laugh helps to break the ice, empathize, and release sexual tension. Make a woman laugh is something every men like. Laugh is the first step to arrive further, that is why clients want to have a good time and relax prefer to drink or dinner accompanied.

I have feelings, did you know?

Men usually reflect strength and soundness, they are used not to show emotions or feelings. Dating the best sluts in Barcelona enease them to relax, complaint, get emotional or open their heart. It may sound cheesy, but it is not. Many escorts have told us there is a trusty relationship among them and some of their clients, who can be themselves during their dates.

Escorts are sex professionals, but we could also call them therapists. They don’t judge their clients, they only listen to them and give some advice if they are asked for it, but they offer human touch above all and a pair of great boobs to relax between them.

I kinda like you

Among escorts’ clients there are handsome and ugly boys, but it isn’t a problem for escorts because they are used to find something to flatter them. Maybe calling them “handsome” is too polite, maybe they are not, but their body is attractive and they smell good. These clients of sluts in Barcelona look for a sex professional who is also polite and learned enough to find and flatter the strongest points of their personality.

Surprises in the room

Escorts’ sensitivity helps them to accept their clients’ peculiarities. Some of them like to transvestite, some others like dildo toys in their ass, others are voyeurs or exhibitionists, there is a place for every philia in this blessed world. Men who date escorts know that they are discreet and skilled. They have probably had problems with their partners regarding their peculiar likings and fetishes, so they reach escorts to experience their innermost hidden fantasies without being judged. What happens in a sin room, stays in there.

Dating a hottie

Meeting an escort is the way some men have to go out for a dinner with a hot chick, a voluptuous woman, or whatever you want to name her. The best sluts in Barcelona know that they have to make the most of themselves to get their clients astonished at first sight. An expensive elegant dress, high heels, a touch of makeup and a hot body are some features than most men aren’t able to enjoy as much as they’d like. Therefore, dating an escort will be different from the rest of your dates. Escorts are stunning and will make every men feel aroused by their very presence.

Passion's flame

Escorts and sluts in Barcelona give free rein to their instincts in bed and provoke a close connection with their clients. Fucking without passion's flame is like feeding pidgeons at a park. It doesn't mind if we do it or not. Escorts are passionate girls and are ready to leave a passionate mark on the clients who look for the real flame, not only sex. 

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