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A mind-blowing experience with a Spanish escort in Barcelona

Spanish escorts: The number one

Friday 30 May 2014
As we were saying in previous posts, the Spanish escorts are the number one in our list. Their beautiful bodies and the easy communication between the escort and her client, are the main assets of the perfect companion for any occasion.

Pretty, kind, funny, with much complicity and no communication problems, they can pretend to be the perfect client's girlfriend; the Spanish escorts are the most demanded companions of Perla Negra BCN clients' best nights out.

The exoticism is amazing, and fortunately there are escorts, great sex professionals, ready for a memorable date when the client wants it; however, to 
go out for drinks in Barcelona and to end up going to bed with a Spanish escort, has a homey feeling one cannot have with other girls from overseas, yet they are all beautiful, there is something really special about a Spanish escort.

Spanish Escorts: Worldwide well known

The Spanish woman fame as beautiful and passionate is globally well known. Why? Because it is completely true. The Iberian Peninsula has been a land of crossings of civilisations for ages, and the results are ladies with crazy curvy bodies and measurements to drive you mad with an open and cheerful temper.

The Spanish women's physical beauty is figured as medium height, brown eyed and brunette haired ladies, yet their actual heights and natural combination of features is for each his own. If we fancy or feel aroused by the accents and the speaking styles, the Spanish ladies have many sorts depending on the regions they are from, Northern or Southern Spain, but definitely all alluring.

A Spanish escort's services

One of the top services a Spanish escort offers is the perfect girlfriend role and social events companion. This kind of girl knows all the behavioural codes, the mainstream conversation subjects, and all the details to make believe others you are a real couple. There is no rival amongst other girls from abroad. They are also great blowjobbers and love makers; they really know what to say to arouse their client and to make of the experience a night to remember.

Nowadays sex is not a subject we talk openly, generally speaking it is still a taboo in many aspects, this is why it is difficult to reach really intense and dirty experiences with a girl next door, either for prejudices or for repression reasons, or even worse, both issues at the same time. So, to learn what is sex with this kind of lady, the escort services are definitely the best way to find out what we are talking about.

A real experience

We spoke to an Austrian born customer and asked him about his sexual experience with a Spanish escort. He didn't hesitate and said it was the best experience he had, mentioning her beauty, cheerfulness and passion in bed, making him enjoy sex as he had ever before.

He said, being him a genuine German, he learned which was the 
best brothel in Barcelona before coming over, the one he was looking for to celebrate the signature of a business contract with a city firm. He never had an experience with a Spanish lady before because he barely spent any time around previously. He surfed the internet and finally jumped up with La Perla Negra BCN website and started checking with detail all the Spanish Escorts.

Put into his words, all were beautiful but he spotted one, despite the coldness of the computer screen, that had something special that made him grow hard with just glancing at her. From that moment on, he just dreamed of spending a night with her.

He made a reservation a few weeks before his journey, because he wanted to make sure no other customers would ruin his night hiring the girl and her services, so she would be available for him. In her services list there was highlighted 
bareback blowjob and anal sex. He knew in advance he wanted everything, he wanted to try everything with her, he wanted this one to be the first satisfactory and content sexual experience with the best Spanish lady.

And this is what happened the night he signed the business contract, he wanted it to end up at its best. He met her up at Perla Negra BCN bar for a drink. When he got in he recognised her immediately. She didn't speak any German nor he spoke any Spanish, but that didn't matter at all, because there was a strong attraction between them and the night was only beginning.

They had some drinks to save the language boundaries, and soon enough she babbled some English and he did kind of talk some Italian, totally different languages of what they really spoke, yet it didn't matter again.

The Austrian customer mentioned the good time he spent with the Spanish escort, how much they laughed together and how hardened he was since he met her at the Perla Negra BCN bar.

After a while, they went upstairs to one of the best rooms and he asked her to give him all the services, since he was so horny only looking at her, and he had been looking forward to fuck her for weeks. The Spanish escort really listened to him, starting with an amazing bareback blowjob, licking her lips, looking him deeply in the eye, sucking it as she ever did before. Later she kneeled on her fours and the Austrian guy started fucking her ass and enjoyed it as much as she did.

The Austrian gentleman highlighted the sexual power of the 
Spanish escort   over the rest of other girls around the world's qualities, and something else... a human warmth and closeness he had never felt before; and last but not least, her beauty and professional bareback blowjob technique.
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