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Sploshing: the perfect mix between sex and food
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Sploshing: the perfect mix between sex and food

Tuesday 14 February 2017

“Hi, good morning. I’d like to buy some eggplants. No, bigger. No, I want them even bigger. The biggest you have!”A Sploshing session could start this way. By going to the grocery and buying the biggest vegetables.

Light or mild Sploshing consists of eating on the body of an escort, but it isn’t enough for the most genuine sploshers! They want to put the whole grocery in every hole of their bodies. Today, on our beloved blog, we’ll explore the two versions of the juiciest sex. Take notes of it!

We don’t waste food anymore

Yogurt, ice cream, fruit, chocolate or cream… Anything is good to practice this fetish. Sploshing is the perfect mix between intimacy, eroticism, sex and food. Would you like the stunning body of an escort to be your plate? Then, you are an splosher. The name of this practice comes from the British magazine Splosh, that usually published these kind of pictures back in the 90’s.

Sploshing is the fetish about food and sex. Some people find much pleasure in acting as a tray or a plate, others find it in eating from such an attractive plate. In English, this fantasy is also known as wet and messy (WAM).

This mix of textures, temperatures, scents and flavors cheer up the fans of this fantasy. The sensations of sliding food in your clothes and even sitting on it are also attractive for them.

British have been quite pragmatic in choosing the name. After a sploshing session, the body gets wet with the different foodstuff and a bit messy because we can gather that sex will begin before washing the leftovers.

I want to eat you up!

Sploshing doesn’t only consist of being naked. To many, what it’s exciting is not to care about anything and butter the chosen food all over their clothes. The best part of it is that you won’t enjoy eating from somebody else’s body alone, but that both of you will enjoy buttering and eating each other’s body. Now the term WAM makes sense, doesn’t it?

We have talked to the escorts of Perla Negra about this attractive fetish. The teen escort has told us that she has played the plate role several times. “The first time, a middle-aged man called me and asked if I was free to meet him the next Saturday night. He wanted to serve a very special dinner for his friends. I assumed he was asking me for a bukake and told him I’m not available for that service. He immediately explained that what he wanted was me to be the plate to serve the dinner. I hadn’t done it before, but I liked the idea. It’s very exciting to be naked in front of several men who are only allowed to touch you with their lips, tongue and fingers.”

Why are eggplants so special?

As we’ve already mentioned, this is the light, or mild version of the erotic mix between food and sex. If we take some steps beyond, we will find out the people who are really into food, especially fruits and vegetables that look like a dildo.

Again, these fetishists get delighted by the flavor and scents, textures and temperatures and sizes. We mean eggplants, zucchinis, pears, cucumbers, bananas, cherries and everything else you can use to please their body.

Human sexuality is doubtlessly the most complex in the world. The more they have tried to repress it and lead it to one only person of the opposite sex, the wilder it has become.

Monkeys see bananas as something to eat; humans see that and much more. Although we finally dismiss the idea, it comes to our mind in the blink of an eye. We have talked to the escorts about this subject. They have dildos, vibrators and every kind of sex toys we are able to imagine. It’s surprising when clients don’t pay attention to them and ask the escort to go to the greengrocer shop.

A XXX Shopping list

The Cuban escort has told us that the vegetables’ game has a lot of fans. “There are clients who started to explore their anal pleasure at home with the vegetables their wives bought. They’ve found they like it, so they don’t want to use plastic objects again. They’d rather try something different when they meet me. We first play with little things such as cucumbers, then bigger such as zucchinis and then it cames the highest level, huge eggplants.”

Like we always say, there are colors and vegetables for every taste! The girls have told us about the advantages of using them in sex. The Italian escort has commented that her clients would rather get one use objects, “my clients know that I use the carrots and turnips I buy once. Vegetables won’t be the same when they come back for more the next week. They like them because they some are soft, others wrinkled, thin or thick. In short, to some people it’s more exciting to get in a greengrocer shop than to enter a sexshop.”

And, what to do after having all that food in the deepest holes of your body? Some of the clients ask to throw them away, others take them home and cook dinner with them, this way the fetishist circle gets complete. “There are some clients who take everything we have used. They get aroused by smelling them and keep them for some days, or eats them both raw or cooked” - the French escort says.

Unpeeled or peeled, traditional or eco-friendly, fruits and vegetables have more uses than what we may think. In short, today we’ve learnt something. It’s up to you to date the best escort in Barcelona and explore the mild version of the mix between food and sex, or forget

about every prejudice and make a sexy shopping list.

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