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Tantric massages at Perla Negra Bcn: some ideas
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Tantric massages at Perla Negra Bcn: some ideas

Monday 09 October 2017

Tantric massages awaken great interest, above all because lots of people are not sure what they are exactly about. Depending on the web in which they advertise, it can be understood the tantric massages are sexual, that they include physical intimacy and orgasm, or the total opposite. In reality, the tantric massage is a personal experience that takes us to a relaxed pleasure and a connection with our partner and ourselves.

The tantric pleasure

Hindus are the creators of this wonderful doctrine. Not only the kamasutra is among the great gifts to humanity but, also, the massage that makes us better people via pleasure.

While other religions and moral currents lead to repression to polish our souls, Hindus propose pleasurable intimate contact towards the same goal. Which one would you choose? For us, it’s clear. Long live Hinduism!

Basically, tantra announces to the world that if a person is sexually happy and relaxed, their mental and physical health will become stronger. When an individual is in this state, everything can be achieved.

How do we apply tantric philosophy to massages? Very simple, massages that aim at, not just orgasm but, that pleasure that helps as grow strong and healthy. We just have to look for a tantric massage service in the profile of a beautiful escort and go to the encounter with a very open mind.

Tantric massages are both for women and men. They can take place in the intimacy of a couple or be given by a professional. You can expect the orgasm at the end of it but it’s not advisable to have this objective in mind. It’s best to let oneself go and enjoy all the sensations. If our attitude is another, we could miss the real effect of tantric massages and reach an orgasm as in any other experience. Although the orgasmic prize is well appreciated, the tantric experience is something different and it would be best to enjoy it without an aim in mind. This said, let everyone approach tantra whichever way they like best.

Yoni massage

Yoni is the way in which in tantra we refer to the vulva and vagina. The translation would be “sacred space or temple”. There’s no need to add anything else. This definition is perfect for the female genitalia. A place not only for the creation of life but origin of the maximum pleasures for men and women.

To receive the yoni massage it’s recommendable to undress, it’s not mandatory to be naked but it’s true that with the right temperature, candle light and soft music, it’s better not to be covered.

Once the room has the right atmosphere, the posture recommended by those instructed in tantra is to rest on a pillow under the head to have the vision of the body and of the steps of the massage.

A bit of lubricant will facilitate the softness of the massage. We let go a few drops from the mount of Venus to the larger lips. We must use rightly the thumb and index finger to massage them up and down. After confirming she has relaxed and is entering a kind of trance, the same is done on the smaller lips. The person that receives it can close her eyes or keep them open and enjoy the view of the person practicing it and their facial expressions of pleasure.

After the larger and smaller lips, the brighter star on the firmament: the clitoris. In it there are more than eight thousand nerve endings which make it a few times more sensitive than the penis. Without entering into absurd competitions, it’s just human anatomy.

To test the pressure exercised is the correct one, one just has to ask, it’s done in circles, clockwise and in the opposite direction too. We’ll avoid been full on and reaching the orgasm fast. If this is becoming center stage, we should ask the person receiving it to breathe deeply and relax a little.

The next step is to introduce the middle finger with the palm upside and feel the G area at the same time as, with the other hand, we keep on massaging the clitoris. Again, as mentioned, the objective wouldn’t be the orgasm, although it may seem inevitable. The practice can continue for as long as they both wish.

Lingam massage

Lingam is the word referred to the male genitalia. For tantra followers, the stick of light is the receptor of this tantric massage, illuminator of pleasures and sacred temples. To start and without making distinctions between men and women, prepare the room thoroughly to make the man relaxed. Music, lighting, atmosphere.. etc.

A bit of lubricant is applied in the genitals and the massage begins. First and very softly, the testicles, then the basis of the lingam and to finish the area between the testicles and the anus, called the perineum. After confirming the man is relaxed and avoiding reaching the orgasm fast, the masseuse will focus on the lingam.

With her hands she’ll move across the lingam up and down, without pressing too much and controlling your companion’s excitement. One can play with one hand then with both, shifting the pressure and rhythm. It’s important to keep the tension of the orgasm and breathing deeply to delay it. In this way, the man may have more than one.

A man’s most sacred place is between the testicles and the anus, and even inside of it. For the most open minded, the experience may continue introducing a finger in the anus and carefully feeling the male G area. Combining the lingam massage and the G point, the man may feel various orgasms of very high intensity.

It would be ideal to learn both to grow personally at the same time as we help others to do it.

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