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The benefits of erotic massages in Barcelona
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The power of erotic massage

Thursday 24 April 2014
Luxury escorts in PerlaNegraBCN are recognized for their erotic massages in Barcelona.
Erotic massage is not only pursued for sexual purposes, they are not required to precede a sexual act with who give it to us. The true intention of an erotic massage is the relaxation of the recipient, to open the emotions of our partner and have the body and mind to achieve greater pleasures in the relationship in general, especially in privacy. This is not just about sex but feeling the other on a deeper level.

What is the name?

Erotic massage in Barcelona and elsewhere in the world can be called in many ways, for example, sensual massage. Through Internet we find other names such as sensory or tantric massage. Any of these terms lead to the same meaning, erotic massages always carries a sexual touch.

What differentiates the conventional massage from the erotic massage?

Erotic massage , of course , involve emotional and physical relaxation giving a positive impact on our health as a conventional massage, but the big difference is the erogenous points of the body in which conventional massages are not centered. Nonetheless, does not always lead to a sexual relationship; erotic massages are used to increase sexual arousal between the client and an 
exclusive escort. It can also be used as a heating way between them or as part of the sexual act.

Erotic massages can be given in the shower?

Taking a shower together is already an erotic experience, if we add the component of the erotic massage the result can be even more pleasant because two naked bodies bathed in warm water and pleasant gel smells can be very exciting, especially if the hands of our luxury escort go over the erogenous zones of both looking for pleasure. Using soft sponges and perfumed gels combined with agile movements can be a total experience.

Combining breathing techniques with erotic massage can make them more powerful?

Breathing, as any kind of relaxation plays a major role in the erotic massage. If it is deep, it helps to achieve relaxation, relieves stress and improves body to have a better sex, more intimate and powerful. In addition, deep breathing lowers blood pressure and helps to eliminate toxins. Apart from these benefits, mental clarity is achieved with this breath and this kind of massage.

How erotic massage can help to achieve emotional balance?

Any type of massage benefits us mentally and physically. They are especially beneficial for those who have experienced some physical or emotional trauma. Caresses and body contacts are known to be the best therapy for lifting the spirit, heal the body and improve mood. A full session of erotic massage with one of our luxury escorts in Barcelona will fulfill your aspirations and needs of relaxation and sex, bringing a sense of comfort like no other experience.

Is there a minimum age for erotic massage?

Any person of any age can enjoy the benefits of an erotic massage, ending with a sexual act or not. Some people because of their age or health can only search massage with no sexual interaction. In any case, massage is longer than the sexual act and can bring even more pleasure than sex. There are no limits to give or receive an erotic massage.

In general, young people tend to stop erotic massage to have sex because excitation is different according to the age; most of people usually enjoy the whole experience. In both cases, the goal is to meet a 
luxury escort in Barcelona  to get an erotic massage to feel better physically and mentally with you.

Which parts of the body are relevant when receiving an erotic massage?

Although it may seem obvious that this massage leads hands to the penis, testicles, breast, vagina, clitoris and anus, there are many others involved in the pleasure of the experience.

As in the practice of sex, and although many people think that is only focused on the obvious parts of the body, there are many others that conceal the power of the excitation as well as those cited above.

And, conceived intimacy and atmosphere necessary and appropriate, the human body becomes a big erogenous zone. For some reason, someone once said that the best sex organ is the brain. The key is that who give us a massage knows the power she has in hands if she knows with certainty touch the body of the other.

Many are wrong to think that the woman’s clitoris and vagina are more exciting than, it’s only an example, her back or thighs. The genital pleasure is obvious, as in man, but there is more. That's where the luxury escort uses her experience and willingness to give her best.

An erotic massage can start at the feet, where hands slowly go up through the thighs and get in the inner thigh, touching, almost accidentally, genitals. You can continue from the fingers, carefully caressing arms and shoulders, stopping to enjoy the male or female breast, waist down until you reach the genitals again.

Caress and massage the whole body, not just the genitals, which by that time will have been dampened, insinuate the sexual action without confirm it and both will enjoy each other's body.

What will follow, will be a sexual experience emphasized by relaxation and intimate connection with our luxury escort, adding a 
room with chromo therapy, chosen perfumes and an excellent atmosphere.
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