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Throughout time:  Whorehouse, bordello, house of prostitution and brothel
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Throughout time: Whorehouse, bordello, house of prostitution and brothel

Wednesday 21 December 2016

There are friends who call them whorehouse, others, house of prostitution or brothel. Fashion marks the denomination but they are all facilities to fuck with alcohol and women. In general, there aren’t big differences. Even so let’s try to analyze the issue and go a little further.

The sexual experience will be different at a whorehouse, bordello, house of prostitution or brothel? Probably, the issue isn’t so much the name but the quality. You’ve surely slept at four star hotels that seemed one star hotel and vice versa. The same applies to sex clubs.

Bordello: the XIX century madness

Bordello sounds XIX century. The word comes from the French word bordélique and means madness, turning everything upside down, mayhem, chaotic. The Parisian bordellos were very complete. As well as syphilis there was Toulouse Lautrec, the great impressionist painter, enjoying prostitutes, the shows and absenta.

It must be acknowledged that the presence of Toulouse Lautrec spiced up the bordellos. And also the artists showcasing there: circuses, singers, fakirs, bearded women, all kind of shows would take place in what was a very complete night.

There was no lack of prostitutes at the bordello, of course. What’s a party if we don’t end up in someone’s arms? A boring party. The French where right in calling it madness. In that century pandemonium was complete. There was a show every night and people would celebrate as if it was the last day of their lives.

My first fuck at the whorehouse

An eighteen years old young man asks us what his first sexual experience will be at a whorehouse. What do I have to do when I arrive? I choose or get chosen? Do I have to pay for a drink? Do I have to use a condom?

The guy wants to know, right away, what is done at the whorehouse which, for him, it’s not the same as a bordello, house of prostitution or brothel.

Young man, basically, what you have to do when you arrive is to fuck with a condom. Got that clear? We couldn’t trust someone who practices prostitution without using a condom.

A whorehouse in the social imaginary, perhaps because it sound a bit seventies or something like that, it’s a grotty, bleak, lost road type, possibly with a bad quality-price relation and, worst, where prostitution is exercised against their will.

In the lost whorehouses mafias find the perfect place to continue with their long list of crimes and felonies. It’s no secret. Everybody knows it. Except this guy who still hasn’t left his village and whose first escapade will be to the nearest whorehouse. He doesn’t care if all those women practice prostitution voluntarily or are force to. He just wants to calm his cock. End of the whorehouse definition. Did you like it?

House of prostitution: our neighbors next door

Nowadays, we could have the occupiers of a house of prostitution as our neighbors next door and finding out connecting just a few dots. Women very provocatively dressed that come in and out at all hours, particularly at night; a big buy of alcoholic drinks; different kind of moans bouncing on the corridors and some eccentricity.

Yes, you don’t have to be too smart. Houses of prostitution, on occasions, are in any building and their occupants are just another neighbor. The client is received in the living room where he has a drink, sometimes he’s invited to the first one, others not. The prostitutes come out scantily dressed and show themselves.

The client finishes off his drink and chooses the prostitute he wants to fuck. It can also happen that she chooses him. It depends on the chemistry between them. The houses of prostitution don’t have many rooms, they are smaller than a club and far from a bordello’s madness.

If someone wants to have a quick sexual relation without going too far or complicating their afternoon, they can go to a house of prostitution, choose a prostitute and have the fuck they are looking for.

Brothel: The top of the scale

Searching on the Internet for something more exclusive, the future client must look for the word escort. In recent years, the difference between whorehouse and brothel has been set. Do you remember the Ford Escort? It wasn’t a Ford Whore but a Ford Escort.

The brothels are the facilities with top quality in the sex for money industry. Prostitutes here are called escorts and, truth is, they are more beautiful, friendlier and better company than those at the whorehouse.

The escorts can be of many nationalities and focus on specific audiences, like the Japanese escorts, tattooed escorts, fetish escorts or university student escorts.

At a brothel like Perla Negra you can find luxury suites embellished with chromo therapy, large plasma screens, luxury showers or baths, champagne bottle, Nespresso coffee maker and, of course, the most strict health surveillance.

At the bar at Perla Negra Barcelona there are always people having drinks, chatting and meeting the best escorts in town. The web shows not only their photos but also videos in which it’s not possible to do photo retouches. How many times one thinks he’s meeting a beauty and then Shrek’s girlfriend appears!

Knockout escorts, friendly, funny, educated, perfect companions for events and, still, perhaps the best feature is discretion. If the client doesn’t feel like drinking at the bear because they don’t want to meet anyone, he can do so in private.

At its party area the atmosphere of a bordello can be set. What else can you ask for?

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