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Transsexual escorts and their clients' loyalty
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Transsexual escorts and their clients' loyalty

Monday 16 March 2015

Transsexual escorts are proud of their clients’ loyalty. What is the magic hidden behind those mysterious words? What is their trick to keep their clients’ loyalty in competitive markets such as the paid-sex business, the sex clubs, the hourly rental room service, and the dates with very well-endowed call girls?

Transsexual escorts: the secret of their success

To be clear, the secret of a transsexual escort’s success is their big dick. Don’t be mistaken; the bigger and active the dick of a transsexual escort is, the better for their clients. If this was not the case, transsexual escort clients could go for a escort lady with a haired or waxed pussy, which is less troublesome.

During the last years, competivity in the sector has increased, forcing working ladies to improve their services, expand their horizons, and take the plunge into things they would never have imagined, while transsexual escorts have kept regularly fixed appointments.

It is said that a transsexual escort is the best mixture of men and women’s attributes. Does it mean that the best attribute of a man is his dick? Isn’t it true that being a man means many more things than having a dick? Are we so dick-blinded that we can’t see beyond it?

Well, there is nothing wrong with that. Maybe sex is overrated, but people love rewarding themselves with sex. Many transsexual escorts combine men and women’s beauty. In the world of transsexual escorts, there are sexual workers who are not easily differentiated from a woman at first sight; they have slim bodies and feminine manners sculpted by the expertise of a plastic surgeon. Everybody knows that there are men who behave as a woman since they are little children, as if they were living inside the wrong body. Nowadays, they can modify their bodies and become women, thanks to scientific progress; however, they hide a big surprise underneath their delicate and feminine manners: a big dick which is able to keep their clients’ loyalty forever. They unavoidably fall in love with a magnificent dick stuck to a woman’s body.

There is a great variety of transsexual escorts; such variety includes luxury escorts, teen university escorts, mature escorts, Brazilian escorts, Russian escorts, and so on; teen transsexual escorts are specially out-standing because of their youthfulness, feminine appearance, and big dick.

Who dares to meet a transsexual escort?

Those who dare to have a night of passion with a transsexual escort have to know that they are about to experience a totally different date. There are active, passive and multifunctional escorts; it doesn’t mean they are aliens who came from another galaxy, it means that they are glad to give and receive pleasure.

The client of a transsexual escort may ask to a companion for an event; it is very possible that nobody notices what she hides underneath, unless she uses her dick to punch everybody in the face, which, on the other hand, would release tension.

Transsexual escort services

Transsexual escorts services are usually quite wild, but they can also include walking throughout the city, cuddling, and romantic dinners, when the service demanded is the GFE (girlfriend experience).

It is quite ironic that the GFE is one of the most demanded services of the prostitution world. Transsexual escorts also offer this service as well as out-calls to hotels and domiciles, and companion services.

“White parties” are among the most out-standing services of transsexual escorts. What do these innocent words mean? Do they refer to a party where people wear white and drink mojito? No, it doesn’t.

The term refers to a transsexual escort service where cocaine is a special guest. Many people use this narcotic substance to delay climax. If it is used properly, sex can last for hours. Although it seems a good idea, it is known that side effects are very dangerous; this substance is more addictive than it seems and it soon can become a requisite to have sex, what is not advisable at all.

Other out-standing services of transsexual escorts are duplex and trios. During the duplex service, transsexual escorts don’t interact with each other; they focus on the client. But during the trio experience, both transsexual escorts and client interact and enjoy to the fullest.

The liberated client can experience changing roles and being the ham wrapped between two slices of bread; sandwich-like. This involves letting two beautiful transsexual escorts fuck his ass and his mouth. They certainly know very well how to please their clients. Having experienced this changing-role game, the clients don’t want to come back to the traditional sex and cease to be the ham of the sandwich.

For these and many more reasons, we can guess what happens in a room between a client and a beautiful, feminine, well-endowed, friendly, funny, and big-dicked transsexual escort who is very experienced in giving pleasure to a man who likes dicks and breasts at a time.

If you want to go beyond the limits of ordinary sex, set up a date with one of these women-bodied transsexual escorts and leave the rest on their hands.

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