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What does an escort do?
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What does an escort do?

Monday 10 April 2017

There are jobs at the sex industry that are more self evident than others. As far as we go, there’s still some confusion. Few people know what escorts do exactly. They are not what we commonly call whores, although it’s true that with some clients the relationship can turn into something sexual.

In the same way, not all escorts are masseuses although some of them are certified. They are not exotic dancers either, although there are real lap dance experts.

The famous escort Amanda Brooks who published the book The Internet Escort’s Handbook, described the job in the following manner: If you are selling your time, dedicated attention and the possibility of having a sexual relation, then you are an escort.

Amanda talks about the possibility of going to bed together but doesn’t imply it’s for granted.

Dedicated attention

Many of the prostitutes in Barcelona that you see on the Internet may or may not be escorts. The difference is that their job is to dedicate time and attention to the client, amuse him and make him enjoy the hours in his company.

Escorts usually have not just an attractive and exciting sexual appearance but also personal skills that make them perfect companions.

We could say that beyond being just a prostitute in Barcelona, the escort also enjoys the company of her client. Talking to him, discovering his personality and having a good time together is the very essence of a date with an escort.

Sometimes, a lap dancer may seem super attractive on stage, dancing for everyone but, afterwards, you can’t expect a nice conversation with her. Simply, she’s in show business and doesn’t want to get intimate with her audience.

The best company

Beyond the job of a whore in Barcelona, an escort makes an effort mentally and with her social skills to give the best of herself and offer her client the most enjoyable time.

One of the big differences between these girls and the other workers in the sex industry is that they are a sealed box of secrets. Many escorts know great secrets of the public, economic and social life of a country.

The most powerful men go to them to enjoy a nice date and be able to tell some secret that keeps them up at night or they have the need to share. Discretion is one of their greatest skills.

Good education and manners are two of the biggest motives men want to date an escort and not just any other prostitute in Barcelona. Chatting with one of the clients at Perla Negra Barcelona, we get to know more about this subtle difference.

“What we normally know as “whore” is not what I’m looking for. A date in which there’s only sex is not what you want if you need good conversation and a companion who can rise to the situation. If I call an escort is to feel supported and backed by her. On occasions, you need a woman like that, who does exactly what you need without having to ask for it”.

Before the date

If you want to go beyond sex with one of the prostitutes in Barcelona, perhaps you should think about looking for an escort who offers also a personal touch, sometimes more exciting that physical ones.

Many profiles on internet tell you things beyond the amazing body of an escort. You could notice those features that could enrich your evening in her company. Some tell something personal, for example, if they have studied or lived in some country.

If a phone number is shown and you can speak with her, don’t doubt to answer her questions. The purpose of the escort is only to get closer to you and know a little more about the things in common you may have. Knowing a bit more about her client will always improve the date.

Why choose and escort?

Escorts go a step further than prostitutes. Nobody knows exactly the time they invest in taking care of their bodies. Gym, sports, nutrition and all those aesthetic treatments, such as, waxing, hairdresser, manicure and pedicure or shopping for clothes. She’ll have the appearance her client so wants, maximum femininity and beauty.

Just as with the body, they pay lots of attention to mental and physical health. Could it be said that it’s safer to sleep with an escort than with another sex worker?. Maybe so, although, we can never be sure. It’s true that they don’t have as many clients a day as what we call a “whore” and take care of their health as much as her client’s.

If the client is not from town, he can rest assured, she’ll know the best places to eat or dine together. Escorts go often to those places and tend to have preferential treatment. They know the prices of this and the other well so, they can guide the client well with regards to where to go.

The date includes sex?

We could say that, as the author of the book we were talking about at the beginning of the post points out, the sexual relationship is not something taken for granted. When a client decides to meet with an escort, in fact, what he’s paying for is her time and attention.

It would be better to avoid that key word on the phone conversation. It’s considered bad taste and it’s uncomfortable for both because it seems a mere transaction that takes the spark out of the date.

During it, the client may try to seduce the escort and manage to take her to bed. That’s a lot more exciting and natural than negotiating it in advance. It’s a date for both to enjoy and use all the seductive power to get the most desired objective.

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