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What erotic fantasies can be put into practice at Perla Negra Bcn?
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What erotic fantasies can be put into practice at Perla Negra Bcn?

Tuesday 26 September 2017

There are endless erotic fantasies and fetishes at Perla Negra Bcn. Practicing sex often doesn’t need to be a routine if we experiment with the wide range of pleasures offered by the escorts. From the more common fetishes to the less ones, including inviting our partner to our nights of passion with sex professionals. Everything fits in the human mind to enrich sex and keep it as a favorite activity together with eating and sleeping, as the world ranking tells us.

Services to couples

It’s one of the most requested fantasies. The client does not wish to go only to one pleasure facility but wants to share it with your friend, girlfriend or wife. Maybe the relationship between them enjoys good health and, nevertheless, passion is affected by routine and the lack of novelties. In the case, the service to couples is recommendable for both. Enjoying and seeing our partner enjoy in the arms of an explosive escort could be even more exciting than if we do it ourselves.

The girlfriend experience

The girlfriend experience or GFE is the way of practicing sex but getting more than physical pleasure and an orgasm. In the GFE the escort behaves like a partner before and after the bed. Kisses, caresses, intimacy, everything that is normally part of a relationship we can live it without further complications with an escort. For some clients it’s better to receive the escort at their place and watch a series on the sofa under a blanket before moving to sex rather than going to a brothel and meeting a sex professional in a colder way.

Cosplay fantasies

Cosplay is the contraction of costume and play. In this fantasy the escort is specialized in some Manga characters. The clients of this escort are fans of the protagonists of Japanese drawings and wish to fulfill the fantasy of practicing sex with their idol. Although this current comes from Japan, the truth is the role play and use of disguises on dates is not uncommon in the West.

Fantasies with kisses

There are three types of kisses that constitute some practices we already talked about on our blog. In the first place, rimming, referred to the anal excitement with the tongue, lips and, perhaps, teeth. In second place, snowballing, in which the client ejaculates in the mouth of the escort and she, instead swallowing or spitting the semen, returns it to the mouth of the client and so they play with it for a while. In third place, the vampire or clown kiss, in which the client practices oral sex to the escort when she has her period.


Not always the client wishes to behave like a man, sometimes, his fantasy takes a very particular turn and prefers to experiment, for example, how the escort feels in the arms of a client. It’s then when cross-dressing appears. The man dresses as a woman and gets into the character that turns him on the most. Here the interesting thing is to feel truly inside the other’s character.


Bondage and sadomasochism are two fantasies that have united due to their affinity of elements but in reality could be experienced separately. The first comes from French and is relative to tying up, knotting, ropes, etc. A participant ties the other one with chains or ropes and has that person. That’s when sadomasochism comes into it. The escorts offer light, mild and hard versions. The client, if he’s new, must decide at what level he wishes to experiment and establish certain codes with the escort to know the limits they wish for and do not wish to cross.


Going to bed with two women is the fantasy most dreamed of by men, in general, not all the escorts propose this experience and those who do tend to do it in its two versions. On the one hand, we have the typical lesbian in which a man sleeps with two women and, on the other hand, the duo, in which on the same situation, the women don’t touch each other.

Ménage à trios

There are more ways for making a trio than the lesbian and the duo. It can also be two men with a woman, three women or three men. Any combination of three is valid to enjoy group sex. It offers high voltage and plenty kinkiness but it doesn’t reach orgy sex, in which details are lost. In the trio, everything remains on petit comité.

Sexual parties

Bachelor parties, birthdays, celebrations of all sorts, or any other reason, are perfect to invite friend and organize a sexual party. In it, various clients take part in the evening with various escorts. Lap dance or strip tease, everything can be done in this super sexual experience.

Various fetishes

Among fetishes we could include almost anything. From high heels to teddy bears, putting on nappies, have our hair washed, looking at people, an inflatable plastic doll, cold or hot, fictional characters, blood or urine, food or drink, everything is susceptible of turning into a sexual fetish.

Although some proposals sound strange, the truth is that, it’s common for a person to have many of these fantasies in his mind and hasn’t even realized. Everything can be done while it’s a free agreement among adults.

If you haven’t seen your fantasy reflected on this post, don’t hesitate to call an escort and propose that which is in your mind, she’ll probably accept and will improve your desire. The greatest pleasure and discretion are guaranteed if you want to make your fantasies come true at Perla Negra Bcn.

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